About DT

Rock and roll to the Kagamines' music and performance! =D (Image source: 凌 )

[Last Updated: June 21st 2010 – Added bits of new information. ]

Hi all, I am a staff blogger on Vocaloidism helping to post Vocaloid news in general as well as the owner of a small Vocaloid blog which you are reading now. An introduction to Vocaloid videos on YouTube by a friend back in Dec 2008 got me interested about Vocaloid and it’s from there I become a Vocaloid fan after listening to songs like Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru, Kokoro, Roshin Yuukai (Meltdown) and etc.

Originally I started out with this blog hoping to bring some of the up-to-date and interesting Vocaloid news to other fans, and I am glad to have been noticed and invited by the owner of Vocaloidism, KevinayP, to blog about Vocaloid news on his site as well since late March last year. Since then I have been improving on my blogging skills as I intend to keep the blog posts simple and easy to understand for all readers while still being able to enjoy the news and music.

So do stay updated as I will hopefully be bringing you some of the latest Vocaloid news and information happening around whenever my schedule allows. Thanks for reading! ^_^

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