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Vocaloid Collection March Additions – Part 2

March 31, 2009

Ah, here’s what I got to sum up my haul of Vocaloid figurines for the month of March. And seriously I thought I was going to give up waiting for the both of them as I have been asking around since late last month. For fortunately a hobby shop here happens to answer my request to look for the SEGA Hatsune Miku and Kagamine Rin EX PVC figures, and that’s none other than La Tendo. (more…)

Update – How To Use Nicosound

March 31, 2009

Image source: 路地子

This entry is with reference to my earlier guide on how to use Nicosound, but just an update here for FireFox users:

If you happen to be using FireFox then you may want to install the NicoFox add-on to help you in downloading Vocaloid songs from Nicosound.

What is NicoFox? You may ask. Well, NicoFox is a add-on which enables users to download videos with comments from Nico Nico Douga. What’s more, the add-on also allows users to go straight to Nicosound from Nico Nico Douga and download the music of the video they are currently listening to, with just one click. (more…)

Sakura no Ame Hits One Million Views

March 30, 2009

Image source: ちょんひ

Well, with so many Miku songs already on the Nico Nico Douga million views video ranking chart it should come as no surprise that another song by Miku would be added to the list sooner or later. And that would happen to be Sakura no Ame, which hit the million views mark on 30th March 2009, at 12.26 pm Japan time. To listen to the song and know more information about it continue reading! (more…)

Hatsune Miku: The World’s Virtual Diva!

March 28, 2009

Image source: Tripshots

Last week Channel Asahi released a video documentary about Vocaloid Hatsune Miku and how she has managed to change the world with her music, as we go into further detail with the creators and music makers behind Miku’s success. Just recently the video has been translated with English subtitles to help viewers understand Miku and the views of her creators better. Without further delay here’s the video below: (more…)

Weekly Vocaloid Videos And Music – 4

March 27, 2009

Image source: ハロゲン

This week I will be introducing on the “Evil” series by Kagamine Rin and Len, as promised in my previous Weekly Vocaloid Music post. These are some of the notable songs by the Kagamine twins and they could really make people touched or cry as the story unfolds bit by bit in the Evil series.

Without further delay we will go into the first part of the series, “Daughter Of Evil” by Kagamine Rin. (more…)

Servant Of Evil Reached One Million Views, Melt Hits Four Million Views

March 23, 2009

Image source: あかる@chry

At long last, following Rin’s “Meltdown” which broke the one millionth view mark on Nico Nico Douga last month, now Len finally has a song which has more than one million views as well. And that’s none other than [悪ノ召使], or  “Servant Of Evil” by AkunoP (悪ノP氏).  It’s been said that (more…)

Weekly Vocaloid Videos And Music – 3

March 22, 2009

Image source: isounagi

Welcome to another week of Vocaloid videos and music, this week I will be introducing some of the Vocaloid videos that I have been watching on YouTube recently as well as some others which has finally got subbed in English by some of the kind translators and subbers around. And here we start off with the first introduction (more…)

Vocaloid Collection – March Additions

March 21, 2009

Here are a couple of Vocaloid stuff which I got this month, and this time round, it’s non-figurine related. (Well, almost) (more…)

GSC 1/8 World Is Mine PVC Figurine Release Date Announced!

March 20, 2009

Source: Akiba Hobby

According to information just released from Tokyo Anime Fair today, it seems that the release date for the “World Is Mine” PVC figurine by Good Smile Company has been set to be in Sep 09.  Currently the price is still unknown, but I will be updating this post as soon as I get the information.

[Update on April 27th 09] The World Is Mine Hatsune Miku figure will be retailing for 8,800 Yen and currently you can pre-order it at Hobby Search for about 8,000 Yen instead. For more information please view this post. (more…)

Vocaloid Nendoroid Puchi, B★RS and WIM Figurines At Tokyo Anime Fair 09

March 20, 2009

Source: Akiba Hobby and Mikatan’s blog

According to information from the two sources above, there will be an Tokyo Anime Fair which will be held from the 18th to 21st March. As usual, many figurines and new anime previews will be available at the fair. However, what catches my eyes most would be the Vocaloid Nendoroid Puchi collection by Good Smile Company (more…)