Vocaloid Figures Collection Photos

8 Responses to “Vocaloid Figures Collection Photos”

  1. Vocaloid Collection - March Additions « DT’s Vocaloid fanblog and other stuff Says:

    […] but if you are curious about my Vocaloid figurines collection then feel free to take a look at my Vocaloid Figurines Collection Photos. It’s not much currently, but I am sure it will expand in the coming months. =) Possibly […]

  2. Ayano Katagiri Says:

    Wow… you have quite a collection there. :3
    I wish I had even one Miku figurine.

    • dtlistic Says:

      Well, thanks. :) I guess it’s part of being a Vocaloid fan who aims to collect most of the Vocaloid figurines available.

  3. shirokiryuu Says:

    *_* You’ve got a lot! I want to get some PVCs but they’re so expensive. The BRS one is so awesome!

    I have all the Vocaloid nendoroids though, including all the petites. (except that Project Diva one…damn, bought it too late).

    • DT Says:

      Thanks, actually the photos here aren’t as updated as I wanted it to be. ^ ^;; For a comprehensive list of all the Vocaloid (and non-Vocaloid) figures I have just go here. =)

  4. mackenzie Says:

    alot of people say that they are tired of people makeing their own websites because they are showing off. Well, if you got a hatsune miku figma, wouldn’t YOU be excited and want to take pictures of every possible location!?

    • DT Says:

      Yeah, I would be excited whenever I got a new figure wanting to take some photos with it. But as time goes by I would concentrate on taking shots which I really like or at specific locations to make the figures stand out even better. And this is a news blog about Vocaloid after all, this section is just a side page. =)

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