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Project DIVA 2nd – New Songs PV (As of July 16th)

July 18, 2010

Image source: 露花

As the release date for the game nears SEGA has yet again updated the official Project DIVA site with news of three more songs that will be included in the game as well as the PVs to go along. These three songs are Migikata no Chou (Len’s version) by NoriP, Cantarella by WhiteFlame (KurousaP) and Change me by shu-tP and you can watch the videos by clicking on the NND links below.

With these three new songs made known that leaves only four songs remaining which haven’t been revealed, which we will get to know more next week so do stay updated to this blog as always. ^_^

Hatsune Miku Project DIVA 2nd – New Costumes Revealed

June 15, 2010

Image source: okidki

Earlier yesterday Piapro has announced more new costumes that will appear in the game and this time round there are a total of 11, so jump right in after this for a better preview of the new costumes~ (more…)

Weekly Vocaloid Music – 31

May 2, 2010

Simply can't resist the cuteness of Rin and Len wearing cat ears! >w< (Image source: 紅雪)

Welcome to this week’s Vocaloid music introduction segment, DT here as always. With the official release of the Miku Append earlier on Friday producers have been uploading new Miku songs using the Append and a few of them sound very promising to be up on the next Weekly Vocaloid Ranking.

Truth be told the new Append makes Miku sound much more realistic and natural than before, and we can expect many more Vocaloid songs to be created that way (when would news of Len’s new Append arrive?) and for me to introduce in this weekly segment as well.

Without further ado, let’s move on with the song introductions~ (more…)

Weekly Vocaloid Music – 28

March 27, 2010

Image source: パンチ

Hello and welcome to this week’s Vocaloid songs introductions, I am your host DT. It’s been six months since I last posted this and it’s a good break for me as I try to concentrate on other Vocaloid news and life in general as well. Now I am feeling much refreshed and ready to introduce more songs. :D

Anyways now that I have restarted on the Weekly segment there will be some changes in place as well, hopefully for the better. Along with the songs I will be listing the credits for it (such as the Producer who created the song and the people who helped to make the PV, if any) as well as where to download the songs, I will be referring to Piapro or any website/homepage pointed out by the producers for the downloads. If not I will simply use the Nicosound link instead.

Without further ado let’s get on with this week’s article then~ (more…)

Counterfeit Vocaloid Nendoroid Puchi #01 Beware!

February 27, 2010

Recently if you have brought the Vocaloid Nendoroid Puchi set #01 and wondered why is Meiko’s hair yellow, then chances are that you have brought a counterfeit version of the Nendoroid Puchi.

A few days ago Good Smile Company has posted an article regarding the counterfeit Vocaloid Nendoroid Puchis. The differences should be relatively easy to spot. But for anyone interested in buying a set, you would need to be more careful! And if you are buying online make sure you are not getting the counterfeits.


Happy 4th Birthday To KAITO~

February 19, 2010

Image source: kyoji

Ah yes, it’s been four years since Kaito was officially released back on 17th February 2006 by Crypton. Me here as another Vocaloid fan around is glad to be celebrating Kaito’s birthday so just hop right in for some of the memorable and birthday songs as well as images created especially for his birthday~ (more…)

Vocaloid Nendoroid Plushies MEIKO and Luka To Be Released Soon!

January 22, 2010

Following the release of the Kagamine plushies last month Gift has announced two more Vocaloid Nendoroid Plushies that will be be joining the group and they are none other than MEIKO and Luka. MEIKO is scheduled to be released later this month while Luka will be released in February 2010. For more images and information on the pricing as well as the order links just continue reading after the break. (more…)

Weekly Vocaloid Videos and Music – 27

September 6, 2009
Cant help but feel pity for Len, Gakupo and Kaito... =P (Image source: みなみ)

Can't help but feel pity for Len, Gakupo and Kaito... =P (Image source: みなみ)

Ah, it sure has been nice during the past week, not only was Miku’s birthday on Aug 31st celebrated in fashion in Japan with a festival being held in her name but also, the much awaited Vocaloid Nendoroid Puchi set was up for pre-order on the same day as well. And the set proved to be so popular that the online reservations on Hobby Search were already closed shortly after the pre-order was out initially. I had a bit of trouble pre-ordering it but eventually I have decided to pre-order with one of the local figures shop here as it’s much cheaper than pre-ordering online. ^ ^

And anyway I have noticed by now that some of the YouTube videos which I mentioned in the previous Weekly Vocaloid Music posts aren’t working, and that’s because the uploader got his account suspended while trying to upload the performances from MikuFes 09 (that’s the festival celebrating Miku’s birthday, if you are not aware). But I will get around to replacing the videos mentioned in the posts very soon so that you can get to enjoy the videos and the music as well.

And in the meanwhile, let’s proceed with this week’s Vocaloid music, shall we? (more…)

Previews – Vocaloid Nendoroid Puchi Set 01 + Tako Luka Charms

August 31, 2009
Vocaloid Nendoroid Puchi Set 01

Vocaloid Nendoroid Puchi Set 01

Recently Mikatan has updated her blog with preview images of the upcoming Vocaloid Nendoroid Puchi Set 01, in which there will be 10 different ones together with a secret figure in the set.

For more preview images of the 10 different Vocaloid Nendoroid Puchi known so far just continue reading after the break! (more…)

Weekly Vocaloid Videos And Music – 18

July 6, 2009
Image source: かる

Image source: かる

Welcome to Week 18 of the Weekly Vocaloid Music segment, as usual I am your host DT. Last week we had news from Good Smile Company that they are going to release a 1/7 scale figure of Hatsune Miku and this time round, there’s a more solid feeling to our leek-loving virtual idol (more info on this figure very soon).

Also, something that I have been waiting for quite a few months has finally arrived here, and it’s none other than the 1/8 scale Kagamine Rin and Len PVC figure from GSC, I couldn’t be happier than to add them to my Vocaloid figures collection as a Kagamine fan. :)

Anyway that’s about the news from me, and onto this week’s Vocaloid music then! (more…)