New Anime Redesigns For Sweet Ann and Big Al!

Sweet Ann's new look

Big Al

Information from PowerFX has revealed that the company has approved Sweet Ann and Big Al’s redesigns for the Taiwan market after relaunching its site in general. You can look at the redesign for both Sweet Ann and Big Al above.

So what do fans think of the new anime style illustrations for Sweet Ann and Big Al? Feel free to post your comments below.

Info source: Hatsune MikuMiku

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2 Responses to “New Anime Redesigns For Sweet Ann and Big Al!”

  1. sylladsjgjha Says:

    sweet ann :)
    s-so cute XD but theres something about…… about her physique tht doesnt really work with me? I always thought of her as a loli orz.
    but idk about Big Al….. might be because of the image of the real Big Al already implanted there…. hmm.
    It is a good character design though.
    i always thought they could’ve used another name for VOCALOID Big Al, and not use the name of the original person(tht gave the voice bank).
    seems weird to me ^^;

  2. Sohee Says:

    I really like them. Sweet Ann looks much softer and “Vocaloid-like”, I love her!
    Big Al looks awesomd! Again, I was iffy over his original, but the new look looks great and it looks like they put much more thought into this design.

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