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100,000 Views! Thanks Again For The Continued Support~

September 4, 2010

Image source: はちみつ

Yeah, it’s been practically one and a half years since I started out with this Vocaloid blog and I would still say it’s been fun being a Vocaloid fan all this while. Looking at all the news regarding Vocaloid, the Weekly Vocaloid Ranking videos, seeing different Vocaloid songs reaching milestones on NND (one million views, two million views and so on) the nice figures produced by different companies (or mainly Good Smile Company and Max Factory for me), being involved in the community with fellow English-speaking fans, following various Producers and their new songs and many more. =D

I could have gone ranting on and on, but the point is that this blog wouldn’t have lasted without the support of Vocaloid fans and those looking for Vocaloid info. So, it’s a thanks to everyone reading this post and hopefully I can still bring some of the latest Vocaloid news around as always. ^__^

DT’s Vocaloid Fanblog Turns One!

March 10, 2010

Image source: perico

Time sure flies, it’s been a year since I started this blog with the first article on the introduction of some of my favorite Vocaloid music, along with other Vocaloid news that may seem interesting for fellow fans to know. Reflecting on the past year I am glad that my interest for Vocaloid is still going strong, thanks to the great songs created by the different Producers, fantastic PVs made by people from different fields of work and the friendly community supporting this as well, I am happy to be part of it helping to get the fans closer together.

It heartens me to know that this blog has been growing in terms of view counts and that people are taking notice of it for some of the Vocaloid news around, which wouldn’t have been possible without the continuous support of you guys. So I would like to say a sincere Thanks to everyone who’s been reading my Vocaloid blog, especially those who went to comment and subscribe on it. Your support acts as motivation for me to carry on posting about Vocaloid news. Thanks so much. ^__^

Oh, with this article I would like to announce something as well. I am planning on restarting my Weekly Vocaloid Music articles ever since I stopped around last August or September, I know it isn’t much, but I would still like to continuing sharing some of my favorite Vocaloid songs around since I have started to help commenting on the Weekly Vocaloid Ranking articles on Vocaloidism from time to time late last year. Hopefully some of you readers will like the music introductions and I will post one WVM article at least once every week, if not two weeks according to my schedule. Be sure to look out for it on the weekends then~ =)

10,000 Views~ Thanks So Much! :)

August 28, 2009
Image source: 燐葉

Image source: 燐葉

Yeah, this Vocaloid blog has gotten a bit more active in terms of viewership ever since it reached the last milestone of 5,000 views back at the start of July, and I am glad to say that the blog has reached another new milestone of 10,000 views and this was done in the early morning on August 28th 2009, which is about half a year ago since I set up this blog.

So once again, thanks so much for your support all this while. :D Hopefully I will still continue to post new and interesting Vocaloid news as long as I am able to, even if I may just return back to only posting on this blog as I keep my options open.

Anyway thanks for reading this as well, more Vocaloid news will be coming up so do stay updated as always. ^_^

5,000 Views ~ Thanks For Your Support! :D

July 6, 2009
Image source: 春アキ

Image source: 春アキ

Well, it’s been slightly less than 4 months since I started on this Vocaloid blog, in which I did out of pure interest as a Vocaloid fan initially and the blog serves to help me remember about the latest Vocaloid news at the same time.

It may not be much but I am glad to say that this blog has finally reached its 5,000th view earlier last weekend. :D I didn’t really bother with letting people know about this blog as I am still trying to improve my blogging skills on it. ^ ^;; But I was surprised when I was invited by the owner of Vocaloidism to blog about Vocaloid news on his site in late March, certainly have learnt more about blogging as well as knowing more Vocaloid news sources since then. :)

But more importantly I want to say a Thanks to all who has visited this Vocaloid blog, by chance or not, especially those who have commented as well. It does mean something to me and I hope this small blog will continue to go on so long as Vocaloid’s around, so do continue to look forward to this blog as I will hopefully be bringing you the latest and interesting Vocaloid news happening in the Vocaloid universe. :D

Thanks again~

New Blog Writer On Vocaloidism~

April 15, 2009

Image source: YahaKo

Well, this news has been on the Vocaloidism blog for a few days. Just thought I would repost it here for anyone’s information as well.

Ah, it’s been three weeks since I first posted news entries on the Vocaloidism blog, but I didn’t really went around to introduce myself yet. So under the reminder from the site owner Kevin last week I thought it’s about time to give a brief introduction of myself here.