Preview: Lat Version Miku, 1/8 Miku Figure To Be Re-released! (Updated)

Update on Feb 22nd 2011 – Included pricing and reservation links for Lat version Miku and 1/8 Miku figure.

Earlier today Mikatan has updated her blog to show preview images of the upcoming Lat version Miku to be released by Good Smile Company, in which this figure was first shown at Sapporo last week. For more images and information on the figure just continue reading.

This Miku was originally created by Lat as a 3D model for MikuMikuDance (MMD), and its popularity has enabled it to be made into an actual figure now. She appears as a slightly younger version of normal Miku but her cuteness is definitely still there.

Instead of the “01” symbol on normal Miku’s arm this Lat Miku has a red ring going around her entire arm.

Nicely detailed headphones based on Lat’s design and made using 3D data.

Lat Miku’s back shot, with hair made of clear plastic just like the Tony Miku figure.

And the glasses and mike are actually removable.

The figure also comes with another mike which suits Miku better when she’s not wearing her glasses.

And along with Lat version Miku the 1/8 Miku figure has been confirmed to be getting a re-release, pricing and pre-order information to be known at a later date so this article will be updated accordingly then. Both Lat version and 1/8 Miku figure will be priced at 5,500 yen each and you can click on the links below to pre-order. Both figures are scheduled to be released in August 2011.

Hobby Search: Lat Miku, 1/8 Miku
AmiAmi: Lat Miku, 1/8 Miku

Image and info source: Mikatan

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