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Happy 1st Birthday, GUMI!

June 26, 2010

Image source: 山吹たま

Ah yes, it’s been one whole year since GUMI was released as we got to listen to a number of great GUMI songs created by the producers around. For some of the most memorable songs as well as illustrations celebrating her birthday just continue reading as always. (more…)

Weekly Vocaloid Music – 33

May 31, 2010

Image source: 134

Welcome as always to another week of the Vocaloid music segment, I am your host DT. Lately news of Project DIVA 2nd has sure got fans excited as we get to know more songs and costumes that will be appearing in the game, now I can’t wait to play the game when it’s out in July 29th, especially with more Rin and Len (and other Vocaloids) in it as well. xD

Anyways, enough of chit-chating. Let’s move on with the song introductions after the jump, shall we? =) (more…)

Weekly Vocaloid Videos And Music – 24

August 16, 2009
Image source: NEGI

Image source: NEGI

Well, it’s another week of the Vocaloid music segment already, and I am your host DT. Over the last week we had quite a number of nice Vocaloid songs which made it into the latest Weekly Vocaloid Ranking as well a particular song which sort of “cheated” its way to last week’s 1st position, though practically everyone knows that it’s probably a gag. =P

Anyway just read on for more about this week’s Vocaloid music then~ (more…)

Weekly Vocaloid Videos And Music – 23

August 8, 2009
Image source: じぇにゃおんさん

Image source: 槻乃まるさん

Welcome as usual to another week of the Vocaloid music segment, this week we had some good songs on the latest Weekly Vocaloid Ranking chart #96 including a couple of them which entered the rankings earlier but didn’t receive enough attention as compared to the more popular songs, so I think it would be nice to give them a mention here and let other Vocaloid fans know about the songs as well.

Also, I am working on another couple of posts which includes the song Shoushitsu (The Vanishment of Hatsune Miku) on Project DIVA which I am still trying to get a Great on Hard Mode so I can unlock the P-Style Champagne Gold costume. Can’t really believe that someone can actually get a Perfect playing that song without missing, since I would be more than content with a Great for the song.

Anyway that’s about it from me, and onto the topic of this post~ (more…)

Weekly Vocaloid Videos And Music – 19

July 13, 2009
Image source: den

Image source: den

Welcome to another week of Vocaloid music introductions as always, and I am your host DT. This week we had more preview images of the upcoming Hatsune Miku CM Version PVC figure and Live Stage Version figma as well as the arrival of the Kagamine Rin and Len PVC figure here in Singapore, which I gladly add them into my Vocaloid figures collection. ^ ^

And this week’s Vocaloid music post may appear a bit late since I have been attending the Cosfest event which takes place here on Saturday and Sunday, though I would say I am there mostly to observe the Vocaloid cosplays other than the cosplay competitions (seen a handful of them actually, and even a Love Is War/Koisen Miku cosplay).

Anyway that’s about it from me, let’s get back to this week’s post then~ (more…)

Weekly Vocaloid Videos And Music – 17

June 27, 2009
Image source: ひま

Image source: ひま

Welcome to the Weekly Vocaloid Music segment as usual, this week has been a happening week as far as Vocaloid fans are concerned since we get to know of swimsuit costumes for our favorite Vocaloid characters in the PSP game Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- (foreseeing many more pre-orders because of that =p ) , new Miku figures to be made known during the Wonder Festival 2009 in summer and also, Megpoid (Gumi) has finally been released as of yesterday! Been listening to some of her songs since then. :D

Anyway I will be posting a bit more on Megpoid songs since she’s still new around here and some of her songs are as good as it is funny xD , just read on to find out more~ (more…)

Megpoid Officially Released! (Updated)

June 26, 2009
A Warm Welcome To Our New Vocaloid2 Character, GUMI!

A Warm Welcome To Our New Vocaloid2 Character, GUMI!

Well, now that GUMI has been officially released as of June 26th 2009 in Japan, here’s a warm welcome to the latest addition to the Vocaloid2 family by Internet software company, along with Gakupo which was released about one year ago. Welcome, GUMI~ :D

A brief introduction about Megpoid’s voice actress Nakajima Megumi will be given as well as new Megpoid songs will be stated in this post so just continue reading if you want to hear the new songs by GUMI or know more about her voice actress. (more…)

New Official Illustrations And Demo Song For Megpoid

June 12, 2009


Earlier this week Internet software company has released new official illustrations for their latest Vocaloid 2 character, Megpoid, in which the software will be released on June 26th retailing for 15,750 yen.

Also, a new demo song titled “BLUE BUTTERFLY” has been revealed and you can view the official illustrations right after the break~ (more…)

Three New Megpoid Song Demos Released~

May 28, 2009
Image source: ケージ

Image source: ケージ

Well, Internet software company has just updated the Megpoid page with three new demos songs and they are, “Be MYSELF (with 1 chorus)”, “Fly Me To The Moon – Part 1” and “Fly Me To The Moon – Part 2”.

The part 2 of the song “Fly Me To The Moon” is a different version of part 1. Again, I must say her voice sounds pretty nice and hopefully when the software is eventually released on June 26th we can get to listen to even more nice songs from Megpoid then.

That’s all the news for now, will be bringing you more news soon.

Megpoid Demo Song [Be Myself]

May 27, 2009
Image source: ゆーりん

Image source: ゆーりん

Well, this may not be the latest news but for those who are interested in Megpoid, Internet software company has recently posted a demo song of “Be MYSELF” on its Megpoid page.

Also, a video of the song which was performed by Nakajima Megumi herself has been kindly uploaded to YouTube and you can view it after the break. (more…)