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Weekly Vocaloid Music – 28

March 27, 2010

Image source: パンチ

Hello and welcome to this week’s Vocaloid songs introductions, I am your host DT. It’s been six months since I last posted this and it’s a good break for me as I try to concentrate on other Vocaloid news and life in general as well. Now I am feeling much refreshed and ready to introduce more songs. :D

Anyways now that I have restarted on the Weekly segment there will be some changes in place as well, hopefully for the better. Along with the songs I will be listing the credits for it (such as the Producer who created the song and the people who helped to make the PV, if any) as well as where to download the songs, I will be referring to Piapro or any website/homepage pointed out by the producers for the downloads. If not I will simply use the Nicosound link instead.

Without further ado let’s get on with this week’s article then~ (more…)

Black★Rock Shooter Date Known, Main Cast Revealed

March 26, 2010

Image source: huke

Earlier on Wednesday the official B★RS website has been updated and it was made known that the full 50-minute length of the anime will be streamed for free from June 25th to August 31st 2010, though whether this will be made available outside Japan is still yet to be known. This streaming is part of a promotional campaign which will start off with a free DVD bonus extra for Hobby Japan magazine.

Also, here are the main cast for the anime as below:

Mato Kuroi – Kana Hanazawa
Yomi Takanashi – Miyuki Sawashiro

The remaining cast will be announced at a later date, more information to be updated then.

Info source: Anime News Network

Preview – Black★Rock Shooter Figma (Updated)

March 24, 2010

Update: Included release date and pre-order information.

Earlier today Mikatan updated her blog with preview images of the upcoming Black★Rock Shooter Figma by Max Factory.

More images available after the break~ (more…)

Preview – Black★Rock Shooter Nendoroid

March 24, 2010

Update: Included release date and pre-order information.

Earlier yesterday Mikatan updated her blog with preview images of the Black★Rock Shooter Nendoroid by Good Smile Company.

More images available after the jump~ (more…)

Preview – Good Smile Racing Nendoroid Miku

March 24, 2010

Earlier last week Mikatan updated her blog with images of the upcoming Nendoroid Racing Miku which will be released by Good Smile Company.

For more information and images just continue reading after the break. (more…)

Hatsune Miku – 39’s Giving Day

March 14, 2010

Yeah, I know how late I have been in posting this article, my apologies about that. Earlier this week saw Hatsune Miku’s concert, both as a “thank you” to the Vocaloid community as well as a preview of what’s to come, more specifically in -Project DIVA-. For more pictures and the song list, please read on after the break.


DT’s Vocaloid Fanblog Turns One!

March 10, 2010

Image source: perico

Time sure flies, it’s been a year since I started this blog with the first article on the introduction of some of my favorite Vocaloid music, along with other Vocaloid news that may seem interesting for fellow fans to know. Reflecting on the past year I am glad that my interest for Vocaloid is still going strong, thanks to the great songs created by the different Producers, fantastic PVs made by people from different fields of work and the friendly community supporting this as well, I am happy to be part of it helping to get the fans closer together.

It heartens me to know that this blog has been growing in terms of view counts and that people are taking notice of it for some of the Vocaloid news around, which wouldn’t have been possible without the continuous support of you guys. So I would like to say a sincere Thanks to everyone who’s been reading my Vocaloid blog, especially those who went to comment and subscribe on it. Your support acts as motivation for me to carry on posting about Vocaloid news. Thanks so much. ^__^

Oh, with this article I would like to announce something as well. I am planning on restarting my Weekly Vocaloid Music articles ever since I stopped around last August or September, I know it isn’t much, but I would still like to continuing sharing some of my favorite Vocaloid songs around since I have started to help commenting on the Weekly Vocaloid Ranking articles on Vocaloidism from time to time late last year. Hopefully some of you readers will like the music introductions and I will post one WVM article at least once every week, if not two weeks according to my schedule. Be sure to look out for it on the weekends then~ =)

-Project DIVA- DLC Info Update, Official -Project DIVA- 2nd Website Now Up

March 10, 2010

Image source: CHRIS

Information from 4Gamer has revealed that the price for first Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- DLC pack is set to be at 2,000 yen with taxes included and scheduled for release on March 25th 2010. And here’s the full song list below:

1/6 -d2 mix- by VocaloidP
Nisoku Hokou by DECO*27
celluloid by baker remix:Aether_Eru
Uraomote Lovers by wowaka (GenjitsutouhiP)
Alice-DIVA mix by FullkawaP
Uta ni Katachi Hanaikeredo by doriko
SPiCa by TokuP
Puzzle by KuwagataP
Hello, Planet by sasakure.UK

Also, the official website for the -Project DIVA- sequel is now up and you can go to the website here.

Info source: 4Gamer

Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- 2nd (Tentative Title) Announced! (Updated)

March 3, 2010

Image source: nantekotttai

Update 1: Included more information and costume images for the game.

Information from Hatsune MikuMiku blog has pointed out that SEGA will be releasing a sequel to the original Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- game and this time round the platform will still be for the PSP. New songs and features will be available for the sequel and you can view the list right after the jump~ (more…)

Kokoro Hits One Million Views!

March 3, 2010

Image source: あるや

Yes, following Roshin Yukai (Meltdown) and Aku no Musume (Daughter of Evil) we finally have another Rin song which hit one million views as well on Nico Nico Douga. And it’s none other than ToraborutaP’s Kokoro, which achieved the feat on March 2nd 2010 at 18:10 hours Japan Time.

For more videos on the song, information on the story behind the song and images do continue reading after the break. (more…)