Project DIVA Version 2.5 (Tentative) Announced!

A new homepage for PJD 2.5! (title tentative)

If you went over to the official Hatsune Miku Project DIVA site earlier yesterday you would have noticed that the site interface has changed and also, news of a Project DIVA Version 2.5 (title tentative) have been made known. For more information on this do continue reading after the break!

Currently 4 songs for this new version of the game have been revealed, of which two were already in Project DIVA Arcade and they are listed below. It has been noted the new songs added will be replacing (almost) all songs in this game. (新曲を追加しほぼ全楽曲が入れ替え)

melody... by mikuru396

Iroha Uta by Ginsaku

Colorful x Sexy by Team MOER

SPiCa -39's Giving Day Edition- by TokuP

Moving on to the modules, Append Miku and the Append Kagamines will be available in the game together with Racing Miku 2011 as well as new modules for KAITO and MEIKO (to be named). The silhouette for a new Miku module is also shown (likely SPiCa).

This game will be playable on the PSP platform and scheduled to be released in Autumn 2011. Pricing to be known later.

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3 Responses to “Project DIVA Version 2.5 (Tentative) Announced!”

  1. sylladsjgjha Says:

    LOL. the design at the end is so obviously SPICA >.>

  2. Sohee Says:

    Obviously SPiCA. I love that song! And I’m happy to see MEIKO and KAITO. I don’t know if they were in earlier versions, I haven’t seen videos (There may have been one where MEIKO was featured, but I don’t think it was the game.)
    Anyway, I look forward to seeing Miku”s complete SPiCA look!

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