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Megpoid Officially Released! (Updated)

June 26, 2009
A Warm Welcome To Our New Vocaloid2 Character, GUMI!

A Warm Welcome To Our New Vocaloid2 Character, GUMI!

Well, now that GUMI has been officially released as of June 26th 2009 in Japan, here’s a warm welcome to the latest addition to the Vocaloid2 family by Internet software company, along with Gakupo which was released about one year ago. Welcome, GUMI~ :D

A brief introduction about Megpoid’s voice actress Nakajima Megumi will be given as well as new Megpoid songs will be stated in this post so just continue reading if you want to hear the new songs by GUMI or know more about her voice actress. (more…)

New Official Illustrations And Demo Song For Megpoid

June 12, 2009


Earlier this week Internet software company has released new official illustrations for their latest Vocaloid 2 character, Megpoid, in which the software will be released on June 26th retailing for 15,750 yen.

Also, a new demo song titled “BLUE BUTTERFLY” has been revealed and you can view the official illustrations right after the break~ (more…)

Three New Megpoid Song Demos Released~

May 28, 2009
Image source: ケージ

Image source: ケージ

Well, Internet software company has just updated the Megpoid page with three new demos songs and they are, “Be MYSELF (with 1 chorus)”, “Fly Me To The Moon – Part 1” and “Fly Me To The Moon – Part 2”.

The part 2 of the song “Fly Me To The Moon” is a different version of part 1. Again, I must say her voice sounds pretty nice and hopefully when the software is eventually released on June 26th we can get to listen to even more nice songs from Megpoid then.

That’s all the news for now, will be bringing you more news soon.

Megpoid Demo Song [Be Myself]

May 27, 2009
Image source: ゆーりん

Image source: ゆーりん

Well, this may not be the latest news but for those who are interested in Megpoid, Internet software company has recently posted a demo song of “Be MYSELF” on its Megpoid page.

Also, a video of the song which was performed by Nakajima Megumi herself has been kindly uploaded to YouTube and you can view it after the break. (more…)

Design Of GUMI For “Megpoid” Revealed!

May 16, 2009
Image source: 三輪

Image source: 三輪

Internet software company, which was revealed to be releasing a new Vocaloid character to be voiced by Nakajima Megumi earlier on, has now unveiled the design of their latest Vocaloid character which will be titled “Megpoid”.

GUMI of Megpoid

GUMI of Megpoid

The new Vocaloid character was designed by manga artist Yuuki Masami (of Mobile Police Patlabor and Birdy the Mighty fame) and the software itself will be released on June 26th 2009 at a pre-order price of 15,750 yen. For more information regarding the software you can visit the official Megpoid page on Internet software company’s website.

And for those of you who are fans of Nakajima Megumi, you may want to purchase the software since you can get to create songs using Nakajima Megumi’s voice. =)

Info source: 初音ミクみく

Next Vocaloid To Be Voiced By Nakajima Megumi

May 3, 2009
Nakajima Megumi

Nakajima Megumi to be the voice actress for the next Vocaloid

Information from the supplemental issue of DTM magazine has revealed that Nakajima Megumi (known for her performance as Ranka Lee in Macross Frontier) will be the voice actress for Internet company’s next Vocaloid character.

Internet company has previously released their first Vocaloid software Gackpoid about a year ago which is voiced by musician and actor Gackt. Here’s a video below providing a sample of how her voice may sound like.

[Update] Okay, the video about Megpoid’s voice has been confirmed by ITmedia. And if you are wondering why she may sound strange that’s because the VSQ file was originally suited for Gakupo, not her.

Thanks to pKjd from Moetron Subs for the video.

More information to be posted when it becomes available.

Info source: DTM Magazine and 初音ミクみく