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Weekly Vocaloid Videos And Music – 13

May 31, 2009
Image source: ゆう

Image source: ゆう

Welcome to this week’s Vocaloid music post, as usual I will be introducing Vocaloid songs which I find nice and hopefully I can let other Vocaloid fans know about these songs as well.

So let us enjoy this week’s Vocaloid music then and you can view them right after the break. (more…)

PangYa x Luka!

May 29, 2009
Luka wil be joining the Vocaloid party as well in Pangya.

Luka wil be joining the Vocaloid party as well in Pangya.

Yes, it’s been announced that Megurine Luka will be the latest Vocaloid character addition in the online golfing game PangYa after Hatsune Miku, Kagamine Rin and Kagamine Len were announced to be in the game almost at the same time last year.

This time round the theme will be “Shining Sand” and the song “Nowhere REMIX” can be heard at the Pangya Japan website. It’s been hinted at the site that Luka will be singing the song “Nowhere” which will be played in the “Shining Sand” course. This event will officially start on June 4th so for those of you PangYa fans this is something you can look forward to then.

Three New Megpoid Song Demos Released~

May 28, 2009
Image source: ケージ

Image source: ケージ

Well, Internet software company has just updated the Megpoid page with three new demos songs and they are, “Be MYSELF (with 1 chorus)”, “Fly Me To The Moon – Part 1” and “Fly Me To The Moon – Part 2”.

The part 2 of the song “Fly Me To The Moon” is a different version of part 1. Again, I must say her voice sounds pretty nice and hopefully when the software is eventually released on June 26th we can get to listen to even more nice songs from Megpoid then.

That’s all the news for now, will be bringing you more news soon.

More Costume Updates And New Video For -Project DIVA-

May 28, 2009
Image source: みなみ

Image source: みなみ

Information released from Piapro and the SEGA official -Project DIVA- website has announced that the costumes submitted by Piapro users for the “SEGA x Piapro Special Collaboration Project“, in which the chosen designs will be included in the game, have all been revealed and also, a new video about -Project DIVA- explaining the different features in the game has been uploaded by SEGA.

So for more costumes updates and to watch the latest -Project DIVA- video just continue reading after the jump! (more…)

Megpoid Demo Song [Be Myself]

May 27, 2009
Image source: ゆーりん

Image source: ゆーりん

Well, this may not be the latest news but for those who are interested in Megpoid, Internet software company has recently posted a demo song of “Be MYSELF” on its Megpoid page.

Also, a video of the song which was performed by Nakajima Megumi herself has been kindly uploaded to YouTube and you can view it after the break. (more…)

Weekly Vocaloid Videos And Music – 12

May 24, 2009
Sekai de Ichban O-hime sama~

Sekai de Ichiban O-hime sama~

Ah, it’s been a good week for me as a Vocaloid fan. Not only recently do we receive news that Kaito and Meiko will be included in the PSP game “Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- and that new costumes and songs will be included in the game but also, news has it that a local shop here in Singapore has finally started taking pre-orders for -Project DIVA-. Needless to say I pre-ordered it the very same day I got the e-mail and went down to the shop next day to pay the deposit. Now I can happily wait for the game to arrive instead when July comes. ^_^

Anyway I will stop for my rumbling for now and we shall continue with this week’s Vocaloid music selections then. This week’s music tend to be more on the Kagamine twins side since I am a big fan of them. =) (more…)

Kaito And Meiko To Be Included In -Project DIVA- And More Updates

May 23, 2009
Image source: 狐猫

Image source: 狐猫

Information from the offical -Project DIVA- website has revealed that Kaito and Meiko will also make a appearance in the game as well, and here’s how Kaito and Meiko will look like in the game as shown below:

Kaito and Meiko has been confirmed to be in the game!

Kaito and Meiko has been confirmed to be in the game!

Also, there’s more updates to the game now that Sega has released the latest information on the site, to know more about the updates just continue reading! (more…)

Megpoid GUMI Fanarts

May 19, 2009
Image source: かる

Image source: かる

Ah, it may have been less than a week since the design for Megpoid from Internet software company was revealed but fanarts of her have since been appearing on image sites everywhere, especially PIAPRO and Pixiv. And in this entry I will be posting some of the fanarts from Pixiv and PIAPRO for all of you fans out there, so just read on for more fanart goodness of GUMI! =) (more…)

-Project DIVA- Music Editing Feature

May 18, 2009

Hatsune Miku singing out to her fans in the opening theme!

Well, some of you out there may already have known about this music editing feature in the PSP game Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- which enables users to add in their own music and create your Project DIVA music videos according to your own preference. But for those of you who aren’t aware of it, more information will be provided in this post regarding this feature on how to make your Project DIVA music videos that’s uniquely your own. To know more just continue reading!


Full Songs Listing In “Prism” Revealed! (Updated)

May 16, 2009
Prism - Kagamine Rin/Len feat. Asami Shimoda

Prism - Kagamine Rin/Len feat. Asami Shimoda

Well, I just happen to be browsing on Amazon Japan when I saw that the Prism album by Asami Shimoda, which will be released on June 10th, has finally updated the song list to reveal all 13 songs that will be included in the album and here are the songs as listed below, songs in bold indicates that the song wasn’t revealed previously. I pre-ordered it instantly.

  1. Kokoro – ToraborutaP
  2. Daybreak – samfree
  3. Rival – Dios/SignalP
  4. Let’s Hang On – ToraborutaP
  5. Otenba-hime no Uta – ToraborutaP
  6. Rin Rin Signal – Dios/SignalP
  7. Itazura Musume – samsonP
  8. Soundless Voice – HitoShizukuP
  9. Zenmaijikake no Komoriuta – mothy (AkunoP)
  10. South North Story – mothy (AkunoP)
  11. Meltdown – iroha
  12. Gemini – DixieFlatline
  13. Prism (Composer – SignalP, Lyrics – Asami Shimoda)

I’m personally really excited to see Daybreak and Gemini in the tracklist. And as I’ve said before, I’m really looking forward to see Asapon singing Meltdown and Kokoro. Also, the song Itazura Musume by samsonP, which Asami Shimoda has done a cover of, the short version has been uploaded to YouTube earlier on and you can view it after the break.

Note: Post and song list updated with more information as of May 26th 09.