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Hatsune Miku – 39’s Giving Day

March 14, 2010

Yeah, I know how late I have been in posting this article, my apologies about that. Earlier this week saw Hatsune Miku’s concert, both as a “thank you” to the Vocaloid community as well as a preview of what’s to come, more specifically in -Project DIVA-. For more pictures and the song list, please read on after the break.



Counterfeit Vocaloid Nendoroid Puchi #01 Beware!

February 27, 2010

Recently if you have brought the Vocaloid Nendoroid Puchi set #01 and wondered why is Meiko’s hair yellow, then chances are that you have brought a counterfeit version of the Nendoroid Puchi.

A few days ago Good Smile Company has posted an article regarding the counterfeit Vocaloid Nendoroid Puchis. The differences should be relatively easy to spot. But for anyone interested in buying a set, you would need to be more careful! And if you are buying online make sure you are not getting the counterfeits.


Interview With Zero-G’s Dom Keefe (Vocaloid Production)

February 3, 2010

Image source: 豆柴

Earlier on Engloids’ Blog was able to carry out an interview with a staff from Zero-G as they talk about the development of Sonika, what plans they have for their older Vocaloids and a bit about Tonio as well.

Read up on the interview right after the jump! (more…)

Happy 2nd Birthday Kagamine Rin and Len!

December 27, 2009

Image source: 杉浦朔也@生放送始め…てます。

Yes, it’s been two years since Rin and Len were officially released back in 2007. By now I am sure there would be more good Kagamine songs on your minds ever since Rin and Len celebrated their first birthday a year ago. This date holds great importance to me as I first became a Vocaloid fan at around this time getting to know about Miku, Rin and Len. Anyway just hop right in for more images and songs about the Kagamines! (more…)

Vocaloid Big Al Released!

December 23, 2009

Information from PowerFX’s twitter page has revealed that Big Al has now been released and you can now go over to their site to get your copy of him at the price of 149 USD.

And here’s a demo below of Big Al singing to a few songs. For more song demos and information about Big Al just continue reading after the break.


New Miku Append Songs, Append Demo Version To Be Released Soon

December 10, 2009
Image source: NEGI

Image source: NEGI

Information from Hatsune Miku Miku blog has revealed that songs made using Miku’s new Append have been uploaded onto Nico Nico Douga as Crypton recently released more information regarding the new Miku Append. For more information just continue reading after the break~ (more…)

World Is Mine Miku Final Preview

December 10, 2009

Earlier yesterday Mikatan updated her blog with preview images of how the final World Is Mine Miku figure by Good Smile Company will look like just before it’s about to be released.


Anime Festival Asia 09 Vocaloid Cosplay Photos And Miku’s Concert Event Coverage

November 27, 2009
The crowds of people coming for AFA 09, together with the cosplayers.

The crowds of people coming for AFA 09, together with the cosplayers.

Well, it may be a bit late posting this after the Anime Festival Asia (AFA) event ended on last Sunday. But that’s because I am busy preparing the cosplay photos ready to be included in this post. And just to refresh everyone’s mind on what AFA is, it is an animation convention event held in Singapore celebrating all things related to Japanese animation and popular culture.

This year’s AFA has been a fine one as we get to witness even more Vocaloid-related cosplays as Hatsune Miku officially appeared for the first time in Singapore for her first performance outside of Japan. So just continue reading after the break for more cosplay and event descriptions~

Also, I would like to thank Vocaforum member Frozen Fairy for kindly providing the photos which he has took for the first day of AFA, thanks so much Fairy-san! ^_^


Happy 5th Birthday, MEIKO!

November 5, 2009
Happy Birthday, MEIKO! =D (Image source: わたぽこ)

Happy Birthday, MEIKO! =D (Image source: わたぽこ)

Yeah, just in case if you didn’t remember it’s actually MEIKO’s birthday today. And as a Vocaloid fan I do remember about her so this will be a special post dedicated to MEIKO on her special day. Anyway just read on for more information, birthday fanarts as well as some of the notable songs from MEIKO. (more…)

New Vocaloid “Furukawa Miki”…?

November 4, 2009
Furukawa Miki...?

Furukawa Miki...?

And so it seems we will be having a new Vocaloid joining us as well, and this time round it’s not by Crypton or Internet. Information from HEARTFAST mentions that an X’mas song album from HEARTFAST and Yamaha A&R titled “VOCALOIDS★X’MAS” featuring the new Vocaloid will be released on November 18th 2009 at a price of 2,500 yen. For more information about the new Vocaloid as well as the songlist for the album just continue reading after the break~ (more…)