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Clarifications On The New Vocaloid From AH-Software (Updated)

August 20, 2010

First of all I would like to apologize on the misinformation brought about by the article earlier regarding the new Vocaloid which will be released by AH-Software and any inconveniences resulting from that. I am sorry about that.

Update on Aug 21st: Further clarifications made, Rio is NOT the official name of the Vocaloid, her name is still not known currently.

An interview was recently carried out with a staff member from AHS in which the following information was corrected and listed as below.

1) The YouTube video showing the new Vocaloid’s song demos over at the Comiket 78 event is only an image, KEI’s kittyler Rio is NOT the official illustration for the new Vocaloid. Kittyler Rio is part of another collaboration known as “Kitty to Issho!”.

2) The new Vocaloid’s official illustration will NOT be done by KEI but by another illustrator who’s not yet announced at the moment.

3) The reason for the collaboration between Sanrio and AHS is simply due to Sanrio having its 50th anniversary and AHS choosing Sanrio in a random selection for the Vocaloid collaboration.

Additional information to add: The new Vocaloid’s public showing is officially set to be in September with the sales of the software starting in October.

Thanks so much to Aster for pointing out on the clarifications.

The original article has since been edited accordingly to reflect the corrections. >____<;;