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Asami Shimoda Interview

February 15, 2011

Image source: ASCII Weekly

On the occasion of the Kagamine Append release, Asami Shimoda, the voice actor who provided the voices for the Kagamines, gave an interview to the Japanese website “Shuu-asu”. She was joined by Wataru Sasaki, the creator of Miku, and the person who’s in charge of the Vocaloid products at Crypton. Follow us after the break to take a look behind the scenes of the Kagamines voicebanks’ creation and release! (more…)

More Sample Songs Update For Rin/Len Append (As Of Dec 27th)

December 28, 2010

Sing on, Append Rin and Len! (Image source: 止まれ)

Just in case you haven’t noticed Crypton has updated the Rin/Len Append page on the Kagamines’ birthday yesterday with 5 new sample songs and with this update there’s now a total of 28 sample songs available for listening on the site. You can listen to the songs right below.

Wasurenbou – Rin Power – AgoanikiP

Migikata no Chou (Rin) – Rin Power(Power) – NoriP (Lyrics – Mizuno Yura, Composer – NoriP)

Migikata no Chou (Len) – Len Power(Power) – NoriP (Lyrics – Mizuno Yura, Composer – NoriP)

soundless voice – Len Power(Cold) – HitoshizukuP

RinLenRaRiRin – Rin Power(Sweet), Len Power(Serious) – UnimemoP

I will bring you more news as they come along so do stay updated then~

Happy 3rd Birthday, Kagamine Rin and Len!

December 27, 2010
Image source: bunnychan

Image source: bunnychan

Ever since Kagamine Rin and Len were officially born back on December 27th 2007 we have been hearing lots of great songs from them thanks to the many talented producers around, and this year of 2010 is no exception. What’s better still is that Append Rin and Len will also be released today, which makes it a double birthday to the fans from now on. We are glad to bring you this article celebrating the Kagamines’ birthday so just continue reading for more Rin and Len goodness~ (more…)

More Demo And Sample Songs Update For Rin/Len Append (As of Dec 25th)

December 26, 2010

Image source: かる

With a mere couple of days before the official release of Rin/Len Append there’s been more demo and sample songs which was updated on the Rin/Len Append page thanks to Crypton.

Demo Song 4 – Ningyo Hime – Main: Rin Sweet, Chrous: Rin Sweet, Producer – MezameP

Demo Song 5 – Sanity
– Main: Len Serious, Producer – k-shi
(GEN factor adjustment at some parts of the song)

Sample songs to come after the break~ (more…)

More Sample Songs Added For Rin/Len Append

December 24, 2010

Image source: たま

Recently Crypton has yet again updated the Rin/Len Append page with new sample songs and you can listen to them below.

Rin-Hai Sengen – Rin Warm, Producer – JevanniP

Darkness Six – Len Power, Producer – AVTechNO!

Boku wa Haineko – Len Power (Cold), Lyrics – Urahanabi, Compose – NioP

Yotsuba no Clover – Rin Warm + Sweet, Producer – ToraborutaP

Rin/Len Append is set to be released next Monday on the 27th at a price of 16,800 yen. AmiAmi is taking reservations for it currently at 15,500 yen.

New Demo And Sample Songs For Rin/Len Append

December 18, 2010

Image source: しヴぇ

As the release date for Rin/Len Append draws nearer Crypton has updated the Rin/Len Append page with two new demo songs and four more sample songs just recently and you can listen to some of them below.

Demo songs –

Pulse – Main: Len Cold, Chorus: Len Cold – ShisukonP

Supersensitive – Main: Rin Warm, Chorus: Rin Warm – Wonderlandica

Just hop on after the break to continue listening to the sample songs~ =) (more…)

New Project DIVA 2nd DLC For The Kagamines

December 16, 2010

Rin and Len's birthday costumes for Project DIVA 2nd

In celebration of Rin and Len’s birthday which falls on December 27th SEGA has announced a new Project DIVA 2nd DLC for the Kagamines which will be coming up soon. For more information on the rest of the DLC just continue reading as always! (more…)

Append Rin/Len Official Illustration Unveiled, New Demo Song Added

December 10, 2010

The official illustration is finally up!

Update on Dec 10th 2010 – Added boxart illustration for Rin/Len Append

Crypton has updated the Rin/Len Append site earlier today to reveal the official illustration for Append Rin and Len. The first demo song has since been uploaded and you can listen to it as well as look at the boxart illustration after the break. (more…)

Kagamine Len’s Append Cold – Sample

November 18, 2010
Image source: 菱野

Image source: 菱野

Crypton has recently released a new demo of Len’s Append Cold! To hear it and for more info, please continue reading after the break. (more…)

More Kagamine Append Power Samples

October 17, 2010

Image source: さく

Earlier on Friday Crypton has updated via Twitter account regarding a new Append Power sample for the Kagamines and another demo for Rin. To listen to the demos just continue reading below. (more…)