More Demo And Sample Songs Update For Rin/Len Append (As of Dec 25th)

Image source: かる

With a mere couple of days before the official release of Rin/Len Append there’s been more demo and sample songs which was updated on the Rin/Len Append page thanks to Crypton.

Demo Song 4 – Ningyo Hime – Main: Rin Sweet, Chrous: Rin Sweet, Producer – MezameP

Demo Song 5 – Sanity
– Main: Len Serious, Producer – k-shi
(GEN factor adjustment at some parts of the song)

Sample songs to come after the break~

Sandscraper -Desert Line Express- – Len Serious + Power, Producer – MikusagiP

Out of Eden – Len Power, Producer – Kouhei

Aku no Meshitsukai – Len Power (Cold), Producer – mothy/AkunoP

Aku no Musume – Rin Power (Warm), Producer – mothy/AkunoP

Rin/Len Append will set to be released on December 27th 2010 at a price of 16,800 yen.


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