Preview – Tako Luka Plushies, Miku And Luka Plushies To Be Re-released! (Updated)

Update on October 19th 2010: Added reservation links from Hobby Search and AmiAmi.

Recently Mikatan has updated her blog with preview images of the upcoming Tako Luka plushies which will be released by Gift.

More images and information after the break~

A total of 3 expressions are available, as shown below:

"Smiling Face" version

"Drooling Face" version

"Kyaaa! Face" version

You can join them together with a small handle on each of the Tako Luka’s stomach.

There’s also magnets in the legs so you can just stick the plushies to a metal surface, like a fridge!

Also, there’s news of Miku and Luka plushies being re-released and it will be made known on the same day the Tako Luka plushies are announced. Pre-order information on the plushies to be made known soon, this blog article will be updated then. Reservations for the plushies are now up and you can click on the links below to pre-order the ones you like~ =D

Hobby Search – Smiling Face, Drooling Face, Kyaaa! Face
AmiAmi – Smiling Face, Drooling Face, Kyaaa! Face

And last but not least, Mikatan now has a English version of her blog for all those wondering.


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