A English Version Of Hatsune Miku In The Future?

Recently it was made known during the “Hatsune Miku: Meet the Makers of a Digital Idol” panel over at New York Comic Con/New York Anime Festival 2010 with regards to the future plans for Miku and the rest of Crypton Vocaloids in the US according to the co-creators of Vocaloid, Hiroyuki Ito and Wataru Sasaki. We could even have a English version of Miku in the future provided a condition has to be met first. Read on for more information!

The information have been summarized and listed out in point form below for everyone’s convenience.

Miku to get covered in a magazine in the US called “Tokyo Kawaii”, this is a iPhone application and the publisher is by ASCII.

Kagamine Appends scheduled to be released in December 2010.

Possibility of a Vocaloid shop opening in the US should there be enough demand for it.

Plans for a English Miku to be materialized provided her Facebook has more than 39,390 likes.
(39 could be pronounced as “Miku” or “Sankyu” in Japanese, which means “Thank You” in English)

So for all the Vocaloid and Miku fans out there this is a great chance to make yourself be heard to the Crypton officials and Saki Fujita (Hatsune Miku’s VA). At least 39,390 likes are required on Facebook to make the plan into a reality and there’s already over 13,800 likes as of this article so get your Facebook accounts and support the move if you like the plans of a English Miku. ^_^

Info and image source: leetNEET
Additional reference: ITMedia (Thanks Aster)


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2 Responses to “A English Version Of Hatsune Miku In The Future?”

  1. Michaela Says:

    Personally, I wouldn’t mind Miku singing in english as long as she still sounds the same.
    I wouldn’t want her to sound different from her original voice!

  2. Kupo Says:

    I agree with the person above ^^ and I wouldn’t mind if all the vocaloids had English banks (I know it probably wouldn’t happen) The vocaloid shop sounds amazing! I wonder where they would put it though..

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