DT’s Figure Photoshoot Session – 1

Pink Miku and Miku together

Well, haven’t really been taking photos of the Vocaloid figures I have been collecting since becoming a fan.

A friend asked me earlier last month if I would like to go with him on a figure photoshoot since he has just finished doing his custom Miku nendoroid and I went along, bringing some of my Nendoroids and figmas for the session, which you can see the images after the jump~

Disclaimer: I don’t have those DSLR cameras (mine is just a point-and-shoot camera) so please excuse me if the photo quality isn’t great sometimes. ^ ^;;

Our journey begins with a flight of stairs up a local park. That’s my friend’s custom pink Miku Nendoroid which he did it himself, after some bugging from me to complete it.

Pink Miku taking in the scenery and enjoying the surroundings.

And the two Mikus meet~ It’s a pleasant experience for the both of them having each other’s company. ^_^

The rest of the Mikus seem to like the place as well~ (From left to right) Project DIVA Nenpuchi Miku, Mixing Box Miku, Nendoroid Miku

Moving on to another location~

Our two Mikus arrive somewhere near the Esplanade, with Singapore’s CBD (Central Business District) in the background.

Rin and Len joins the Mikus on the sight-seeing as well~ (Rin was a bit slanted there due to the strong winds blowing while we taking the photos xP )

A family shot of the Vocaloids~ The outdoor shoot was cut short as the weather was turning bad after taking this photo. It rained 10 minutes after we packed up our stuffs. But we will be back with more outdoor pics next time.

Anyway, indoor pics up next.

Pink Miku, appeaing on a UFO? D:

Nah~ It’s simply time for a Miku meal?

And our diva seem ready to deliver a song as always.

Miku’s thrilled to see the Kagamines as they could totally throw a party having a concert together. =D

And it seems it’s not just the Kagamines that Miku has found.

Except that Pink Hachune Miku doesn’t seem too excited in seeing Hatsune Miku. xD

Petit Rin and Len was around too wondering about, and they seemed to have found some shiny stones (maybe it’s gems?)~ =O

Excited with their find, both Petit Rin and Len decided to pick one up each and bring them to Rin and Len.

Rin: “Oh, I see Len’s having a conversation with Petit Rin and Len. But what’s the both of them holding with their hands? It sure looks shiny and pretty. *w* I must go and take a look.”

And it seems the Kagamines are happy with this unexpected happening. =D

Rin and Len praises the Petit Kagamines as they pose together with their find~

And some bonus pics, no prizes there if you know what my friend and I were referring to in these pics below. =P

Rest of the photos here, which pretty much concludes our session this time round. Look forward to more next time round and thanks for taking a look around. ^_^


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