Matryoshka Hits One Million Views!

Image source: かじ@ぽけもん

Well, a new Hachi song has just reached the million views milestone and it’s none other than Matryoshka, in which the feat was achieved on September 21st 2010 at 14:41 hours Japan Time. For more information and images about the song just continue reading after the break~

Matryoshka (with English subs by vgperson) – Miku and GUMI

Producer – Hachi
PV, Lyrics, Compose – Hachi

The word Matryoshka actually refers to the russian dolls and the descriptions on it can be found in the intermissions of the video, first in Japanese and in other languages later on. The song itself is pretty much open to interpretations as nothing much has been made known about it, except that it’s a joke song from Hachi. (If any of you have a better interpretation then feel free to suggest it in the comments =) )

And onto the various illustrations done by different artists on Pixiv. Enjoy~

Image source: 猫鴉

Image source: 月穂

Image source: m(仮名)

Image source: さな@脱konozama

Image source: きみを

Image source: 仮名@プロフ

Image source: こみね

Image source: つこたん

Image source: ももしき

Congrats on Matryoshka and Hachi for the achievement, and with that another GUMI song is soon reaching a million views as well. Look forward to an article on it when it happens~ =D


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