Migikata no Chou (Rin’s Version and Len’s Version) Reaches One Million Views~

Image source: 秋赤音

Well yes, this round we have another Rin song as well as another Len song and both of them goes by the same name as well, which is “Migikata no Chou” as everyone would have known. Rin’s version hits one million views on July 1st 2010 at 09:55 hours Japan Time while Len’s version achieves the same feat a month later on Aug 3rd 2010 at 05:56 hours Japan Time. For more information on both songs and images relating to it just continue reading as always~

Producer for both songs – NoriP
Illustration – Akiakane

Song download – Rin’s version, Len’s version

Rin’s version of the song was originally uploaded onto Nico on April 1st 2009 while Len’s followed suit on May 3rd 2009. The title of the song, which could be translated as “Butterfly On The (Your) Right Shoulder”, talks about two persons being in deep love with each other but at the same time feeling as much pain and pleasure together from the relationship.

Both songs are connected in the sense that they share quite a bit of the same lyrics and also towards the end of Rin’s version you can hear Len starting to sing before it carries over to Len’s version of the song.

And onto the images created by the illustrator for the songs Akiakane herself.

Image source: 秋赤音

Image source: 秋赤音

Image source: 秋赤音

Image source: 秋赤音

And moving to the images created by other artists on Pixiv for the songs. Enjoy~

Image source: 白皙

Image source: 白皙

Image source: さなか

Image source: 座敷ウサギ

Image source: 裕実

Image source: Jikei.

Image source: たま

Image source: 依存

Image source: aruk

Congrats on Rin’s and Len’s version of Migikata no Chou reaching one million views, hopefully we can get see more Rin and Len songs on the list in the future as well. =)


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