Vocaloid Tonio To Be Released On July 14th 2010 + New Song Demos

Finally after some months we get to see more of Tonio’s demos as his release date nears and you can listen to the songs right after the jump~

Song demo information thanks to Miyapoid. According to Zero-G Tonio is scheduled to be released on the 14th of this month and a website has been set up specially for Tonio so hopefully we can look forward to more news and information then. For those of you interested in getting Tonio the software will be available at 179.99 USD for the download version and 199.95 USD/169 Euros/114.95 GBP for the box set version.


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5 Responses to “Vocaloid Tonio To Be Released On July 14th 2010 + New Song Demos”

  1. ephona Says:

    Wow…he has a good voice

  2. boolves Says:

    It is available TODAY! (July 13th). I have just purchased it and it downloads right now. Let’s cross fingers and see!

  3. boolves Says:

    It still needs improvemnts. But Tonio’s voice is nicer than Leon’s (Vocaloid 1) and Vocaloid 2 has also better customisation. I hear tha Yamaha is getting ready to release Vocaloid 3 which seems will be a big improvement. One thing is for sure, Vocaloid is a lot user friendlier and more articulate than EastWest Symphonic Choirs at a much lower price, so if one does not need top vocals Vocaloid is the better choice espeacially at a much lower price. Though I would be prepared to add a hundred £ to to Vocaloid if the voices would match the quality of the Symphonic Choirs

    • DT Says:

      Yeah, if anything Tonio’s voice does sound promising, it’s up to the producers to see what they can do with him. I have heard info about Vocaloid 3 as well from Crypton which sounds rather promising. Let’s hope Vocaloid 3 would make things even more friendlier with better capabilities for users then.

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