Hatsune Miku’s “39’s Giving Day” Concert To Be Made Available on BD, DVD And CD! (Updated 2)

Update on July 1st 2010 – Added the pre-order links for the BD, DVD and CD version of the concert.

Update on July 3rd 2010 – Added BD, DVD and CD pre-order links from CDJapan.

Information from the official Project DIVA website has mentioned that Miku’s 39’s Giving Day live concert which was held on March 9th 2010 at the Zepp Tokyo music hall will be released in the forms of BD, DVD and CD as well. For more information and a short CM video for it just continue reading after the break~

First off, here’s the link for the CM video.


And here’s the pricing info:

BD – 7,350 yen
DVD – 6,300 yen
CD – 3,150 yen

There will be a first-run limited edition bonus which will include a special case and picture label and the BD/DVD itself will include 39’s Giving Day mobile strap as well as a mobile cleaner which was originally sold at the event.

A special website has been set up for this and you can access it here. The BD, DVD and CD versions of the concert will be released on September 1st, 2010. AmiAmi is taking reservations for the BD, DVD and CD version of the concert currently while CDJapan is also taking BD, DVD and CD reservations as well. Information about CDJapan thanks to Bunnychan on Vocaforum~

Additional info sources: Here and here


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