Project DIVA 2nd – New Gameplay Videos Added, Edit Mode Songs Announced & Dreamy Theatre Long PV Revealed

Image source: おいもと次郎

Recently SEGA has uploaded new gameplay videos for three of the songs in Project DIVA 2nd and a long version PV for Dreamy Theatre as new songs that will be included in the Edit Mode of the game have been announced as well. For more information on the songs as well as videos just continue reading as always~

First of all, here are the three gameplay videos for the songs, “Promise”, “Innocence” and “VOiCE” accordingly.

The results for the 2nd “SEGA x Piapro Songs Collaboration” for the songs that will appear in the Edit Mode of Project DIVA 2nd have been announced and you can view the list of chosen songs below.

Collaboration A: Rhythm Game Edit Ballad Songs

I’m Crazy For You – SABA.U1
Neko na Kimi – 774P

Collaboration B: Rhythm Game Edit Songs

Endless Nightmare feat. Megurine Luka – M.C.E

Cardioid – DATEKEN
EXtend – FB
Hometown – SuzukazeP
Nande? – Reruriri
[DANCE-ROCK] 『 Hallo World 』 – DuronSpitfire
Tokini wa soft ni, Tokini wa dark ni – NAV

For those interested, SEGA has also released a long version of the PV for Dreamy Theater and you can view it below.

Also, the official websites for Hatsune Miku Project DIVA 2nd as well as Project DIVA Arcade has been updated so you may want to take a look at them then.

Info source: Project DIVA official website – Here, here and here


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