Hatsune Miku Project DIVA 2nd – New Costumes Revealed

Image source: okidki

Earlier yesterday Piapro has announced more new costumes that will appear in the game and this time round there are a total of 11, so jump right in after this for a better preview of the new costumes~

Here are the 3D images of the costumes in the game, images are linked to the original design of the costume.

Idol style? costume (Image source: 帯之)

Angel Miku (Image source: 富夫)

Nurse + Spacy (Image source: 奈良立鹿)

White (Image source: しんれい)

Winter Ballad (Image source: ハノ)

SG Costume 2 - Rin (Image source: eb)

Geisha Luka (Image source: OHSE)

Lady Luka (Image source: 箱(はこ) )

Shirt and Tie and Glasses (Image source: あさひ)

70's Moga (Modern Girl) Retro Pop (Image source: shino)

Young Adult Dancer - Len (Image source: only1)

Additional info source: Project DIVA website


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One Response to “Hatsune Miku Project DIVA 2nd – New Costumes Revealed”

  1. TH3 L0G Says:

    OMG they’re so cute!! Execpt kaito. LOL he’s just not very cute in this… Wait. Kaito = cute? Ew, no. Kaito = smexy!! And Gakupo = smexy. If only he was in project diva <3

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