Weekly Vocaloid Music – 34

Image source: NEGI

Welcome to the latest week of Weekly Vocaloid Music, noticed that I am slightly late in posting this, my bad. ^ ^;; Anyways, for the past week I have been editing and updating all the old articles that I have written here on this blog, which involves permanently moving the images to Imageshack instead as well as replacing the deleted videos (due to the uploaders being suspended on YouTube). It’s a slow process here, since I have to browse through over 1,600 Vocaloid images which I uploaded onto Imageshack for the articles and updating the videos, but I still hope to get this done within 2-3 weeks’ time.

And back to the topic, remember that I mentioned about a 3-part Kagamine Rin series? Hop right in after this to know what I am talking about~

First Virus Resistance_Assault Chapter (with English subs by Kanannon) – Kagamine Rin

Producer – マイナスP (MinusP)
Illustration – SHARK
Song Download (Source: Nicosound – Click on “パソコンへ転送” to download)

This first part in the series talks about a computer virus invasion that has occurred inside Rin and how it has affected Rin’s voice as she starts breaking apart slowly. The VocaRock song sung by Rin has gained the tag of “Legendary Cool Rin Master” (伝説のイケリンマスター) and it’s not bad at all considering this is actually the producer’s first Vocaloid work.

First Virus Resistance_Drifting Chapter (with English subs by Kanannon) – Kagamine Rin

Producer – マイナスP (MinusP)
Illustration – SHARK
Song Download (Source: Nicosound – Click on “パソコンへ転送” to download)

Second chapter in this virus resistance series describes Rin’s feelings inside her as she was defeated by the virus causing havoc inside her, losing her right arm as a result. Devastated initially, Rin eventually finds hope as she gathers up the courage to repair herself and stage a fightback. It’s a pretty emotive song after the first one.

First Virus Resistance_Restart Chapter (with English subs by Kanannon) – Kagamine Rin

Producer – マイナスP (MinusP)
Illustration – SHARK
Song Download (Source: Nicosound – Click on “パソコンへ転送” to download)

Rin manages to get herself repaired as she gains a new power in the process, staging a comeback which ultimately resulted in the successful deletion of the virus inside her, thus concluding this song series.

Rolling Girl PV (with English subs by damesukekun, presentation by Moetron Subs) – Hatsune Miku

Producer – wowaka (GenjitsutouhiP)
Lyrics – wowaka (GenjitsutouhiP)
Composer – wowaka (GenjitsutouhiP)
Arranger – wowaka (GenjitsutouhiP)
Illustration – akiakane
PV – yama_ko
Song Download (Source: Nicosound – Click on “パソコンへ転送” to download)

By now this epic Miku song should have heard some time ago by many Vocaloid fans around, so I will just give a brief description about the song, in which the lyrics itself is actually up to everyone’s imagination due to it being vague. The song talks about a girl who’s been having relationship issues and despite her efforts in trying to resolve them, she only keeps failing. With each failure she continues to roll again, which represents the pain of all the failed relationships in her head and leaves her in great misery eventually, judging from all the injuries and bandages she had in the end. In the end, she gets comforted by an unknown guy (not unknown if he’s her boyfriend or not).

Kokorokara – Hatsune Miku

Producer – TookaP
Music, Words – TookaP
Movie – hie
Song Download (Source: Producer’s Piapro account, scroll to bottom of page and click on the pink button to download)

This Miku song is pretty short with its PV, but at the same time its rather soothing melody and upbeat music makes you want to listen to it on loop again and again. And if you like this there’s a remix version which was just uploaded recently.

Kokorokara -Sweet mix- (with PV)

Producer – TookaP
Music, Words – TookaP
Movie – hie
Rearrange – U-skeP

Made by U-skeP using Miku’s Append Sweet voice, this remix has that additional cute effect accompanied by a beautiful PV.

Heart Disk Drive (with English subs by KataGatar) – Hatsune Miku

Producer – OnyuuP
Music, Lyrics – OnyuuP
Movie materials: nc1978, nc3957, nc7987, nc10783, nc13947 from NiconiCommons
Song Download (Source: Nicosound – Click on “パソコンへ転送” to download)

If you watch the video you would notice some of the worst scenarios that could happen to a user when using the computer (such as comp hangs, getting infected by viruses or programs crash altogether and etc). This song was created using the sound effects made by the Windows operating system whenever it encounters an error. As much as it is unfortunate for this to happen to someone, there’s actually a deeper meaning telling the user to be strong and bounce back from it soon instead of being afraid to make mistakes.

made in Katamichi Ressha (with Chinese subs by yanao) – Megurine Luka

Producer – 96crow
Music, Lyrics, Compose – 96crow
Song Download (Source: Nicosound – Click on “パソコンへ転送” to download)

Translated as “made in One-way Train”, this song talks about the sad and lonely feeling a dating person has while on a one-way train trip. It’s a good Luka song in my opinion with its beautiful melody, although I feel it could have been given more attention.

And that ends my song introductions for now, look forward to more very soon then~ ^_^


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