Weekly Vocaloid Music – 33

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Welcome as always to another week of the Vocaloid music segment, I am your host DT. Lately news of Project DIVA 2nd has sure got fans excited as we get to know more songs and costumes that will be appearing in the game, now I can’t wait to play the game when it’s out in July 29th, especially with more Rin and Len (and other Vocaloids) in it as well. xD

Anyways, enough of chit-chating. Let’s move on with the song introductions after the jump, shall we? =)

Well, remember when I mentioned a few weeks ago there will be new Miku songs to look forward to since the Miku Append has been released? I will be listing a few of them below for you to listen to, hope you will enjoy it~

Rain*Sweet*Umbrella – Hatsune Miku (Append Sweet)

Producer – U-skeP
Illustration – wogura
Song Download (Source: Nicosound – Click on “パソコンへ転送” to download)

As quoted from my comment in the WVR article on Vocaloidism, it’s truly like having delicious candy for the ears. It’s best if you are listening to it on a quiet or rainy day and relax in Miku’s sweet singing, because I know I did. =D

JikoChu →♡ – Hatsune Miku (Append)

Producer – AriehendeP
Compose – ami@AriehendeP
Lyrics – ami & 葉
Song Download (Source: Producer’s Piapro account – Scroll to bottom of page and click on the pink button to download)

Now, if you are one for cute Miku songs then I am sure this will not disappoint you. The PV and the song is delightfully sweet and “cute” would be the word if I have to summarize this song using just one word.

Gogatsu Shoujo – Hatsune Miku (Append Vivid)

Producer – millstones
Compose, Arrange, Movie – millstones
Lyrics – Aki, millstones
Song Download (Source: Nicosound – Click on “パソコンへ転送” to download)

Millstones produces really good and soothing Miku songs, and this one is no exception. Gogatsu Shoujo has a nice upbeat feel to it and the soothing effects this song has makes it a great relaxing song to listen to.

Genzai to Mirai no Jirenma – Hatsune Miku (Append Soft and Solid)

Producer – ShippuP
Illustration – Ponjiri
Lyrics – Kei Sugiharu
Music – Masakuni (ShippuP)
Song Download (Source: Nicosound – Click on “パソコンへ転送” to download)

Now, this is one Miku song which goes to show how deep her voice can be with the new Append. If anyone notices there are two Append voices used in this song, Miku holding the doll being “Append Soft” and older Miku on the right being “Append Solid”. This is one well-made song as it shows how versatile Miku’s Append voices can be, which also means we have more Miku songs to look forward to.

Melancholic – Kagamine Rin (with English subs by lygerzero0zero)

Producer – Junky
Music, Lyrics – Junky
Movie – Chiho
Song Download (Source: Nicosound – Click on “パソコンへ転送” to download)

I actually didn’t think much about this Rin song when I first listened to it, but since then I have gotten to listening more of the song and I have been loving it and I would say this is one of my favorite Rin songs for this year currently, so much so that I would recommend it as one of the best Rin songs for the year. The music and the lyrics fits into the song perfectly in my opinion.

Don’t MyList! – Kagamine Rin (with English subs by ghostsubs)

Producer – LiveP
Illustration, Movie – NEGI
Mastering – yuukiss
Song Download (Source: Nicosound – Click on “パソコンへ転送” to download)

If you are one of the users familiar with Nico Nico Douga or have been watching videos on there then I am sure you would know most of what was described in this song, if not I will give a brief explanation about them below. xD Besides, the PV is done by one of my favorite Rin artists. <3

  • MyList – Video favoriting system on Nico Nico Douga
  • Temporary just one click – Refers to the feature in which you can add a video to your Temporary MyList with just one click.
  • wktk – Comes from わくわく (wakuwaku – which means being eager/excited) and てかてか (tekateka – literally, “gleaming”). Usually means anticipation.
  • Congratulatory note – Nico users will often congratulate by posting comments on a video when it hits a particular achievement such as 100,000 views, 5,000 MyLists or 10,000 comments for example.
  • Gold frame – If a video is really popular on Nico, it will receive a silver or golden border around the thumbnail of it on the search page indicating of its popularity to other viewers.
  • Nico Points system – Nico points which can be used to access premium features and services on Nico Nico Douga. The points are brought with actual money.

This Rin song had me MyList-ing it straight away when I saw it on Nico earlier on, this song together with PV is simply too epic not to do so, despite the title of the song. xD

Coward Montblacs – GUMI (with English and Chinese subs by arklung03)

Producer – DECO*27
Music – DECO*27
Movie – akka
Song Download (Source: Nicosound – Click on “パソコンへ転送” to download)

If there was one characteristic song representative of GUMI just like “Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru” is to Miku and “Kokoro” is to Rin then I believe it would have to be this one. After listening to it for the first time I have fallen in love with the song and over 420,000 views in one and a half months on NND proves its popularity as to how many viewers like the song, even though it’s a sad one (but then again, Kokoro isn’t really a happy song either =P ). Go and listen to it already if you haven’t~

And that’s about it for the song introductions. Later this week I will be introducing a 3-part Kagamine Rin series in which not a lot of attention has been paid to it but I would still like to give it a mention nevertheless. Look forward to more Vocaloid music and news then~ ^_^


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