Project DIVA 2nd – Song List Updated

Image source: 猫魚

SEGA released another video just earlier yesterday as more songs that will appear in the game have been revealed. To watch the video as well as to view the updated song list for the game just continue reading~

And here’s the updated list of known songs currently as mentioned in the video. (Songs highlighted in bold indicates new ones revealed)

  1. Kocchi Muite Baby – ryo (supercell)
  2. Yellow – kz (livetune)
  3. Colorful x Melody – Team MOER
  4. Romeo and Cinderella – doriko
  5. magnet – minato (RyuuseiP)
  6. Dear – 19’s Sound Factory
  7. Ai Kotoba – DECO*27
  8. Popipo – LamazeP
  9. Koi Iro Byoutou – OSTER Project
  10. Kyodai Shoujo – 40mP
  11. Roshin Yuukai (Meltdown) – iroha(sasaki) / kuma(alfred)
  12. Sound – baker
  13. Clover Club – YuuyuP
  14. Just Be Friends – Dixie Flatline
  15. Melt – ryo (supercell)
  16. packaged – kz (livetune)
  17. Miracle Paint – OSTER Project
  18. Kouya to Mori to Mahou no Uta – ToraborutaP
  19. The secret garden – Hata Aki/Kosaki Satoru
  20. Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru – ika-mo

More updates to come when they are made available~

Source: Project DIVA official site


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