Project DIVA 2nd – OP Preview + Songs & Costumes Revealed, Dreamy Theater Updates

Yeah, it’s been some time since I updated on Hatsune Miku Project DIVA 2nd, so this post will consolidate all the news on the PSP game up till now for everyone’s convenience, hope everyone’s fine with it. ^ ^;; Anyways you can watch the OP for the sequel to the PSP game Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- below and for more updates on the game together with information on the Dreamy Theater addon for the PS3 gaming system just continue reading after the break~

SEGA has also released a video back on Wednesday which reveals some of the songs and the accompanying costumes that will appear in the game and you can watch the video below.

Here’s the list of songs following the order in the video:

  • Colorful x Melody – Team MOER, with illustration by nezuki
  • Roshin Yuukai – iroha(sasaki) / kuma(alfred), with illustration by nagimiso.SYS
  • Just Be Friends – Dixie Flatline, with illustration by yunomi
  • Yellow – kz (livetune), with illustration by redjuice
  • Kocchi Muite Baby – ryo (supercell), with illustration by KEI

Pre-orders for the game are still available on AmiAmi and Play-Asia currently so I would recommend anyone interested to get it if you haven’t already to avoid any disappointment. Project DIVA 2nd will hit stores on July 29th, 2010.

And now for some Project DIVA “Dreamy Theater” updates, according to SEGA this addon for PS3 will be released on June 24th at a price of 3,000 yen. The DLC will be compatible with your save data as well as the latest music packs, “Miku Uta Okawari” and the upcoming “Okawari, Rin-Len-Luka”. Also, the new My Best playlist feature will allow the player to select their favorite songs and PVs for viewing.

And there’s about all the updates for now, I will post new articles on the game when there’s more information available.

Source: Hatsune Miku Project DIVA official site – Here, here and here.


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