Weekly Vocaloid Music – 32

Image source: isounagi

Welcome to Week 32 of the Weekly Vocaloid Music segment, some of this week’s songs tend to be on the sad side as it reflects my mood for the past week, sudden changes are hard to adapt to in real life, sometimes. :< But all in all they are still good songs and definitely worth you listening to them in my opinion. And also, it’s mainly Miku songs only this week so hopefully you won’t mind with that.

Without any further delays, read on for this week’s songs!

Bungaku Shounen no Yuuutsu (Translated title: Depression of the Young Literati – with English subs by vgperson) – Hatsune Miku

Producer: Hoehoe-P
Video: Osare-P
Song Download

The story of this song mainly talks about a person is depressed with the lies and the reality of things in the society, coupled with the unfeeling people around him who seem unconcerned when his favorite novelist committed suicide. To quote from the song:

“It was a lifetime filled with countless shames.” he (the novelist) said.
“Spent with only lies being told.” he said.
“What a gloomy guy” they laughed, but…no matter what, I couldn’t get it out of my head

As the person reflects on things, he knows that he will die eventually, but he feels deeply for the novelist, for he’s a lover of literature as well. But towards the end he was able to find hope and get himself back before the depression sink deeper into him. It’s a sad song with very meaningful lyrics in it, which also reflects the life that we lead.

732 nichi (732 days – with English subs by damesukekun) – Hatsune Miku

Producer: malo
Music, Lyrics: malo
Song Download (Password: miku) (Link as provided by uploader)

Uploaded especially onto Nico Nico Douga for Miku’s 2nd birthday, this story sings about Miku’s gratefulness for the wonderful time she had since she was born and the countless number of songs she has sung. Miku may not be a heroine in a fairy tale full of love and adventure, but what’s for sure is that she will always remain a idol in the fans’ heart. May the days we have with Hatsune Miku continue on forever.

ARiA (with English subs by motokokusanagi, Chinese subs by No.12502) – Hatsune Miku

Producer: Toku-P
Lyrics: lino, Toku-P, Kionachi
Compose: Toku-P
Arrangement: Toku-P
Guitar, Video: sleepwalker
Bass: ORYO
Illustration: refeia
Logo, Graphics design: kionachi

Song Download

The video for this song starts out just like a RPG with settings in a mystical land, except it’s the future Earth we know and that the girl in the video has been separated from the person she likes, she searches for him using the ARiA (Autonomous Reactive integral Attribute) program, but to no success. As her life ends she hopes that he will eventually find her on the planet where she’s on. The song together with the video is simply beautifully done, much to the credits of all the staff behind this.

Dear – Remix Edition – Hatsune Miku (English and Romaji subs here)

Producer: 19’s Sound Factory
Song Download

I simply love this remix version better than the original one, not just because the music is more lively but the upbeat music also serves as a contrast making the sadness of the song even deeper. It’s full of feelings which reminds people how Vocaloid isn’t simply just a voice-synthesizer program only.

Imitation (with English subs by Moetron Subs) – Hatsune Miku

Producer: Heavenz-P
Lyrics: Heavenz-P
Composer: Heavenz-P
Arranger: Heavenz-P
Illustration: Aco Arisaka
PV: ke-sanβ

Song Download (As from producer’s Piapro account)

Basically this song is about a artificial being (Miku) who was created into the world as she helplessly watches the world around her go into ruin and destruction. Time passes by, people went away (died?) and left her all alone with no one recognizing her existence. She wishes to be able to reconnect with the humans again, even though she’s just an imitation of them. The sadness that was expressed as though it was straight from the heart, it does sound very human indeed.

Life size (with English and Romaji subs by t12111) – Hatsune Miku

Producer: 40m-P
Words and Music: 40m-P
Illustration: guitar
Photo and Design: arico
Movie: kowagari

Song Download

And now for something more light-hearted, here’s the latest song from 40m-P. Generally 40m-P’s songs are good ones, and I will agree with that.

Chaining Intentions (with English subs by RENA, Chinese subs by Fe) – Hatsune Miku

Producer: Treow
PV: masataka-P

Song Download (Link as on producer’s Piapro account)

This PV was based on the original version of the song, made by masataka-P using the MMD (Miku Miku Dance) program as an entry for the 4th MMD Cup competition. The work of this PV is very smooth and fluid, and is nothing short of awesome for the amount of effort put into making this.

And that’s for the Vocaloid music introductions for now. Do stay updated for more Vocaloid news and the next Weekly Vocaloid Music segment then~ ^_^


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