Weekly Vocaloid Music – 30

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Welcome to another week of the Weekly Vocaloid Music segment, this week I will be introducing a 3-part Kagamine Len series made by Owata-P. The lyrics in the songs can be rather random at times so much so that “there’s no point/meaning to this song”. Basically if you know about Owata-P’s works then you would have guessed the songs that I am going to introduce, if not just continue reading after the break~

Benzene [Healing type Brainwashing song] (English subbed by NicoNicoHorizon) – Kagamine Len (Chrous part by Kagamine Rin)

Producer – Owata-P

Yes, I am talking about the Benzene series here. This first song here starts off with one and a half minutes of relaxing music before Len starts singing. If you actually listen to what Len’s singing about you will find that the lyrics don’t particularly have a meaning to it as he sings the same lyrics over and over again. But at the same time the music combined with Len’s singing is so soothing that you can listen to it over and over again, hence the “brainwashing” description of the song.

Nitrobenzene [Race type Brainwashing song] – Kagamine Len

Producer – Owata-P
Background picture – Suika
Illustration – Obon

The second song of the series, this song begins with a relaxing music not unlike Benzene as a brief description about the chemical compound (in this case, Nitrobenzene) is given just before the singing starts. An explanation of the singing style of Len is also provided in the song as well.

Paradichlorobenzene [Destructive type Brainwashing song] (with English subs by Kannanon) – Kagamine Len (with Kagamine Rin)

Producer – Owata-P

Paradichlorobenzene itself is pretty dark, it’s an chaotic song talking about the dark side of man and man’s selfishness as well. As some of the notes and description related to the song goes by very fast in the video it is advisable that you pause the video and read them so that you will understand this song better. This is one of Len’s better known songs which is still in the Weekly Vocaloid Rankings currently.

Nostalogic [Real Dance Video – Full version] (with English and Romaji subs by motokokusanagi2009, Chinese subs by 26) – Meiko

Producer – yuukiss
Lyrics – yuukiss, rose
Music – yuukiss
Dance – Yumiko
Movie – masataka

This song actually uses the voice of loli Meiko, who is now known as Sakine Meiko (or Meiko 16). Recently a dance version with cosplay by Yumiko has been uploaded onto Nico Nico Douga which is the YouTube video you are seeing above. Yumiko’s dance moves compliments the voice of Sakine Meiko which helps to make this famous Meiko song even better.

Astronaut – Megurine Luka

Producer – Jumbo-P
Lyrics – taichi
Compose – furafura

DT’s note: This Luka song hasn’t actually been re-uploaded onto YouTube yet despite it being out on Nico for about four months already. If anyone is able to upload this then it would be greatly appreciated. =)

Now, this is one of the those Vocaloid songs which is actually very good but failed to get viewers’ attention on Nico Nico Douga. To put it simply this Luka song is a sad song that’s talking about having hope but at the same time it’s so sad that it’s beautiful, the pure-hearted astronaut wanted to see the person she loves before the world ends, but he just doesn’t understand that. If there’s one underrated Vocaloid song that I would recommend others to listen to currently then it would have to be this song, I know it certainly moves me after knowing the full meaning behind the song.


Also, if you like the song you may want to this Utatte Mita version by 腹話 as well. To say how this version is done, it has that “mysterious calming” effect which makes me like it better than the original.

m9 (with English subs by 0Talie0) – Kagamine Rin

Producer – Live-P
Illustration/Movie – NEGI

“m9” is one of the ASCII art which expresses the right hand pointing at another person and laughing. Most of the Kanji used in this song are actually wrong but that’s the intention of the producer. When a person uses a Japanese word processor usually hiragana is typed first after which it would be changed to Kanji by the processor. However if the person is careless the wrong Kanji will be selected. Such mistakes do happen from time to time but if there are many wrong Kanji found in the sentence then the impression might be given that the writer is somewhat stupid.

This song carries a serious message in actual fact, but the incorrect Kanji used in the lyrics gives the viewers an idea about the stupidity of the singer of the song.

And that marks the end of this week’s Vocaloid song introductions, do stay tuned next week (changed to the week after next, my apologies) for more then and thanks for reading~ ^_^


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