Weekly Vocaloid Music – 29

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Welcome to Week 29 of the Weekly Vocaloid Music segment, DT here as always. As promised earlier I will be mentioning about a 3-part series from the Kagamines made by Shuujin-P so for the videos as well the rest of the music introduction do continue reading after the break~

Chapter 1 – Shinseiki (New Millenium – with English subs by Kanannon) – Len

Producer – Shuujin-P
Movie – yuuki
Illustration – Shiroron, Hakka kokoro, Najo, Momogi, hmst, Agi, Kaimaisan
Background – NazekorewoP

The story of this song is about young man (Len) being inside a glass elevator as he unwillingly watches the sadness of the world which happened in the past replaying right before his eyes. He asks the elevator operator (Miku) why he’s going up, to which Miku replies “It’s no different than how you lived your life”.

Len later sees a boy similar to him in a foreign country, holding a gun larger than himself and accompanied by a girl (Rin) and a man (Gakupo). Everyone in the country was starving and dying slowly due to the ongoing war in the country. Len asks why he couldn’t get out of the elevator and Miku replies, “That is basically what a person’s life is”. Len was shocked as the elevator continue going up.

Len then sees a man with glasses from a rich country as the people seem satisfied with their standard of living and the technology available. However, nuclear missiles were fired at the country due to an accidental press of the button, destroying the entire country. Len clings to the elevator girl’s arm and ask her why is she showing him all that horrible stuff, to which the elevator girl replies, “It’s no different from how you lived your life”.

It was then the elevator girl turns into the form of the young man as the elevator door suddenly opens and starts descending rapidly. The person then says something to Len which convinces him to jump out of the elevator as he disappears after Len jumps out. After falling a long way down Len finds himself somewhere in space as he wonders about the doom and destruction that humanity have brought upon themselves. Len believes that it should not be the way humans live as he strongly wishes that humanity would wake up from it. His wish then helps to shape a better and more peaceful world.

Chapter 2 – Risoukyou (Utopia – with English subs by Kanannon) – Rin and Len

Producer – Shuujin-P

This part of the song takes place somewhere in the future, after nuclear warfare marked the destruction of most of humanity. 50 years before what happened in the song, the United Nations (led by Kaito) proposed the Humanity Revival Project which was to transfer human beings’ souls into android bodies that will never decompose as it was generally believed that it’s their souls that make them human. Also, human beings are feeling pain and hunger because of their physical bodies, so it’s concluded that science will help them overcome these problems with immortal android bodies. The plan was approved and put into action soon after.

In the song Rin was mentioning about the pain that she’s been experiencing ever since she and her lover (Len) suffered an accident the day before. Rin thinks the problem will be solved once they have themselves transferred over to the android bodies. She even requests that she wants to look just like Len after the operation so that when she wakes up she will remember the times that they were together.

The operation was a success as Len went to see Rin in her new form. However when Len hears her voice and sees her in person, he realizes that the person in front of him is anyone but the Rin he knows before the operation. Soon the android bodies took over their human emotions as they no longer feel any pain whatsoever, be it physical or emotional. And it’s because they can’t feel pain that they were unable to comprehend physical and emotional sensations such as “cold”, “hot”, “love”, “peace”, “life” and so on. Both of them lose sight of what it’s like to be “living” as they can no longer regain their identities as “humans”.

Chapter 3 – Ichiru no Negai (A Faint Wish – with English subs by Kanannon) – Rin and Len

Producer – Shuujin-P
PV – supika
3D Modeling – CPUX4
Character Illustration – Hyuuga
Background Illustration – Chou shino, Uindo, Ayuri, tk8d32

This songs continues from where Utopia ended as the “new humanity” (People who have transferred their souls into immortal android bodies), not being able to understand human emotions and pain, begin to destroy those who are not of their kind. The remaining normal humans were put in danger as the world went into chaos and destruction once again. Practically all the normal human beings have been eliminated, leaving only Rin and Len.

In order to prevent this catastrophe from ever happening again, Rin and Len had to travel through the android-infested city to a Transdimensional-Orbital Interface which would allow them to travel through time to do that. However they were soon discovered and under attack from the androids, to which they activated the device in a hurry as they were provided with visions of their past lives.

It was then Rin realizes that Len has always been the one saving and protecting her through their past lives and that they have always been together regardless of the situation that they were in. Naturally it would be heartbreaking if they were to lose each other. Rin decides she doesn’t want to be a burden to Len and pushes him into the Transdimensional-Orbital Interface chamber, quickly locking the door shutting him in.

As Rin says there isn’t enough time for the both of them to escape she thinks it would be good for her to protect Len in return by being a distraction to the androids to provide enough time for Len to escape. Rin was killed by the androids as Len escapes through time using the chamber. In the end Len finds himself in an elevator in which the elevator announces, “Ue e mairi masu” (which translates as “this elevator is going up”), making the story loop back to the first Chapter.

Es ~dirty aspiration~ – Miku

Producer – Arai Takeshi
Lyrics – 山下慎一狼
Compose, Arrange – Arai Takeshi
Guitar – maya
PV – Tony

This song pretty much caught my attention after it was soon uploaded on NND not just because of its great sounding music but also the lyrics itself, it’s as though you are hearing the inner voice of someone who’s demanding to be heard. There’s also this Utatte Mita version below sung by Mitani Nana which I feel is pretty good as her voice fits the song better than the original.

Chain Girl (with English subs by Moetron Subs) – Miku

Producer – Noboru↑P
Lyrics, Compose and Arrange – Noboru↑P
PV – Glasscore
Illustration – Ukai Isago Ju

There’s more than one possible explanation for this song, but I would think that it’s about Miku having parents who are over-protective of her, so much so that they restrict and control her every action, leading to the sadness and frustration she had inside her all the while. In the end Miku decides that she will take her future into her own hands as she breaks free from the chains (or invisible hands) that’s been controlling her.

Various Feelings – Meiko

Producer – shu-tP
Music and Lyrics – Glint of Sound

One of the most well-known Meiko songs around and it’s indeed so, the lyrics is pretty positive and full of feelings as well, telling one not to lose hope as they work towards their goals and an ideal future for themselves. If you like this then go listen to this extended version (with English subs by soundares) below as well, which I enjoyed just as much as the original version.

Ignition – Luka

Producer – Dixie Flatline
Illustration – mitosa

Before I end this week’s Weekly Vocaloid Music segment, here’s some peaceful Luka song for you to relax and chill-out with. Hope you have enjoyed this week’s music selections and thanks for reading~ :)


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