Happy 2nd Birthday To Kasane Teto!

Image source: カンロ

Yeah, it’s one day late but it’s still worth wishing Teto a Happy 2nd Birthday on her special day. Originally born as a April Fool’s joke, Teto has since become a real character loved and appreciated by people who know about her. As always, just read on for more songs and images created specially for Teto’s birthday~

Note: I will be referring to Nico Nico Douga for the videos since they haven’t been re-uploaded to YouTube yet, but you can only find the most Vocaloid and UTAU videos on NND anyway. ;D

Teto-tan! 2010 (Collaboration)
Lyrics – Oyama no Maiyo
Composer – Bebitasu
Voice Adjustment – naruko

Hontou no Utahime – Teto and Otonashi Kotori (from THE iDOLM@STER game)
Producer: Kokuhaku-P

Zutto, zutto
Producer: A-9

Producer: Shuraba-P (HAL)

Producer: kino

Strobo Nights (Cover)
Producer: Kapushin

Uso no Inochi
Producer: Nekoboro

And onto the birthday images, shall we?

Image source: 瑞穂@プロフ更新&イラスト整理

Image source: 奏城水乃

Image source: 秋なすび

Image source: 浪漫ノック

Image source: 半角かたかな@ダン☆カン★

Image source: 舘科

Well loved by the Vocaloids as well ='D (Image source: sawa)

For more of Teto love just click on the tags on Nico and Pixiv to find the other birthday videos and images. And Happy Birthday to Teto once again. ^_^


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