Weekly Vocaloid Music – 28

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Hello and welcome to this week’s Vocaloid songs introductions, I am your host DT. It’s been six months since I last posted this and it’s a good break for me as I try to concentrate on other Vocaloid news and life in general as well. Now I am feeling much refreshed and ready to introduce more songs. :D

Anyways now that I have restarted on the Weekly segment there will be some changes in place as well, hopefully for the better. Along with the songs I will be listing the credits for it (such as the Producer who created the song and the people who helped to make the PV, if any) as well as where to download the songs, I will be referring to Piapro or any website/homepage pointed out by the producers for the downloads. If not I will simply use the Nicosound link instead.

Without further ado let’s get on with this week’s article then~

Nekomimi Switch – Miku (with English subs by arklung00)

Song and PV – daniwell-P
Song Download

A upbeat Miku song that’s very cheerful and reminds one of the summer season. The motion graphics PV itself is simple and easy to understand just like the song itself, pretty much enjoyable if you like cute songs.

Nekomimi Switch – Rin and Len [Cover with hand-drawn PV] (with English subs by arklung00)

And for those of you Kagamine fans out there, KeaP has made a cover of the song with Rin and Len together with a irresistably cute PV as done by 座敷ウサギ.

WORLD’S END UMBRELLA – Miku (with English subs by vgperson)

Song – hachi
Movie – Southern Research Institute (Task Utsushita)
Song Download

This song caused quite a controversy as hachi deleted the original video which he uploaded earlier and replaced it with another of higher quality, in which the reuploaded version still managed to top the Weekly Vocaloid Ranking in the week it was uploaded (the previous version topped the WVR in the week before). It is noted that the current version of the song has its music and lyrics re-made as compared to the previous one.

Jutenija – Rin and Len

Illustration – kyky
Song Download

The language used in this song is actually coined words of the producer in which “Jutenija”= wind, “al”= me, “fo”= do. This song even earned DATEKEN the title of “Legendary Kagamine Master” (伝説の鏡音マスター) due to the quality of the song and his skilled adjustment of Rin and Len’s voice in the song.

Boku to Alice no Wonderland – Len

Song – Lelele-P
Illustration – Satu (拶) (Painter Brioche)
Song Download

Famous for his “Renka” series which charmed many Len fans, Lelele-P is back at it with another Len song and this one doesn’t disappoint as well with its positive sounding music and beautiful illustration.

free – Luka (and Len)

Song – AVTechNO
Illustration – Kazune
Song Download

AVTechNO is one of the producers which I have a lot of respect for, he tries to express his form of art in the songs he created and he does so very well, making viewers think about the song just as they are listening to it. And the end result is often a very fascinating piece of work which could be worth listening to for hours.

ZOU+ – Miku (with English subs by damesukekun)

Song – AVTechNO
Illustration – Kazune
Song Download

Also by AVTechNO, I like this remix better than the original due to the different music mix. The lyrics of the song sets me in deep thinking sometimes.

What’s COLOR? – Kaito (with English subs by arklung00)

Song – Shinjou-P
Lyrics – Dagashiya & Shinjou-P
Song Download (pass: color)

A very pleasant song from Shinjou-P, Kaito’s whispering voice is pretty dreamy sounding which makes it a rather serene and calming song to listen to. Now, what color do you like? ;)

That’s all for this week, hope you like the songs and the new changes as well. I will be introducing a 3-part series by the Kagamines as well as a few more Vocaloid songs in next week’s segment so do look out for it then.


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