Counterfeit Vocaloid Nendoroid Puchi #01 Beware!

Recently if you have brought the Vocaloid Nendoroid Puchi set #01 and wondered why is Meiko’s hair yellow, then chances are that you have brought a counterfeit version of the Nendoroid Puchi.

A few days ago Good Smile Company has posted an article regarding the counterfeit Vocaloid Nendoroid Puchis. The differences should be relatively easy to spot. But for anyone interested in buying a set, you would need to be more careful! And if you are buying online make sure you are not getting the counterfeits.

Major Features of Counterfeits:

  • Keychain Attached
  • Strange colors
  • Unmovable extremities (arm, leg, ect.)
  • Peachier complexion
  • Eyes devoid of cuteness

Next, a breakdown of the individual Puchis. Counterfeit on left; official on right.

Miku Hatsune

  • Hair Bands are completely pink
  • Clothing is missing specific details
  • Headphone details not of the same color
  • Shoe color

Rin Kagamine

  • Hair Clips
  • Arm tattoo missing
  • G clef (Treble clef) symbol in between the collar missing
  • Belt and shoe color

Len Kagamine

  • Clothes missing details (collar and shirt sleeve missing lining, yellow tag below collar not present)
  • Detached sleeves lining
  • F clef (Bass clef) symbol in between the collar missing
  • Shoe color


  • Hair color
  • Microphone color
  • Jacket’s cuffs missing lining
  • Shoe color


  • Hair color
  • Belt

Luka Megurine

  • Hair Color
  • Microphone of the same color as hair
  • Necklace missing
  • Belt and shoe details
  • Detached arm sleeve colors
  • Thigh-highs color

Neru Akita

  • Clothes are missing alot of detail
  • Headphone missing details
  • Shoe color

Haku Yowane

  • Ribbon stripe
  • Tattoo color
  • Detached sleeves color

Meiko Sakine

  • Headphone color
  • Clothes missing lining
  • Belt buckle
  • Shoe details

Saihate Miku

  • Flower color and missing details

Also remember to always buy your figures from a reputable dealer. Should you find deals on some shady or unknown sites too good to be true, then it’s most likely not real at all as pictures itself may not tell the whole story.

Thanks to fellow Blog Editor GreenSage on Vocaloidism for the news, together with some input from me here as well.

Sources: Miku Blog & Good Smile Company


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4 Responses to “Counterfeit Vocaloid Nendoroid Puchi #01 Beware!”

  1. Ichigo Says:

    It is just sad! if you are unable to spot the difs. you should study more (talking to people who don’t know them) I saw this picture and I was like WTFT (What The French Toast)

    I have the real nendroids over on my shelf, they are KAWAII! and these just make me sad to think how horrible the counterfits are. If they are going to try that, atlese make it look real! not like some weired color missing mistakes of the wonderful things named Vocaloid.

    For Miku and for the rest of the Vocaloids. *Grabs leek and smacks all counterfiters*

    • DT Says:

      Sadly enough, the counterfeiters are often in for a quick profit due to the Vocaloid figures being popular and in good demand. Some people may get them just because they are cheap without knowing whether it’s real or fake, although the difference in quality and finishing is rather appalling. =(

      But for those serious in collecting Vocaloid figures hopefully this information will serve as a notice telling them to be more vigilant when they buy the figures, at least that’s what we can do as a fellow Vocaloid fan.

  2. Sarah Says:

    I can’t believe it….all this time, I didn’t know I’m getting a fake in the mail. >:(

    • DT Says:

      Well, maybe you can treat this as a lesson learnt this time? That way you can caution all your friends who are interested in getting the Vocaloid figures in the future.

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