Reservations For Max Factory’s VN02 Miku Now Up! (Updated)

For those of you who have been interested about the 1/8 scale VN02 Miku figure from Max Factory, information from Good Smile Company has announced that she will be released in June 2010 at a price of 12,800 yen. For more images and reservation links just continue reading after the break!

Update on Dec 11th 2009: Included more information about VN02 Miku.

Just in case you are wondering about how this Miku figure comes about, it all started when Nagimiso did a character illustration for the VN02 mix of Miku’s original song “moon” [by iroha(sasaki)] in the PSP game “Hatsune Miku Project DIVA”. If you recall from the game the VN02 costume can be unlocked by clearing “moon” five times or more on Normal difficulty level with a Great (and above) result.

Now the collaboration between Nagimiso and Max Factory has brought about this astonishing 1/8 scale of a cybernetic Miku which you are seeing now.

Reservations for this Miku figure are now up and you can go over to Hobby Search or AmiAmi to reserve yours now.

This has got to be one of the most expensive 1/8 scale figures around, but VN02 Miku is simply too awesome. *w*

Image source: Good Smile Company


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