New VOICEROID Software From AH-Software

VOICEROID - Tsukuyomi Ai

VOICEROID - Tsukuyomi Ai

After AH-Software announced the upcoming arrival of the three new Vocaloid, it seems they aren’t completely done yet. Information from their official website has pointed out that they are also planning the release of a new speech synthesizer software called VOICEROID which will be out on December 4th, the same day as their Vocaloid software. For more information just continue reading after the break~

VOICEROID - Tsukuyomi Shouta

VOICEROID - Tsukuyomi Shouta

The VOICEROID consists of a 5-year old Tsukuyomi Ai and her elder brother 7-year old Tsukuyomi Shouta. Basically what the program does is that you type in a word or phrase and hear either Ai or Shouta playing it back for you. Here’s a few videos below to show how they sound like.

And you can head over to AH-Software as well for more information about Tsukuyomi Ai and Shouta.


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