New Vocaloid “Furukawa Miki”…?

Furukawa Miki...?

Furukawa Miki...?

And so it seems we will be having a new Vocaloid joining us as well, and this time round it’s not by Crypton or Internet. Information from HEARTFAST mentions that an X’mas song album from HEARTFAST and Yamaha A&R titled “VOCALOIDS★X’MAS” featuring the new Vocaloid will be released on November 18th 2009 at a price of 2,500 yen. For more information about the new Vocaloid as well as the songlist for the album just continue reading after the break~

Here’s the songlist for the album:

  1. Hakkoutai no Rudy / BucchigiriP
  2. Hello Hello・Hello Hello / Yuuyu
  3. This Christmas / Dixie Flatline
  4. Christmas Carol ga Owareba / Kobayashi Onxy & KTG (Aliced Twilightz)
  5. Presenter / sasakure.UK
  6. Oratorio / Captain Mirai
  7. Christmas Eve / awk
  8. Ave Maria: Schubert / MariaP
  9. Holy Night Rider / Toraboruta
  10. white light/white heat / Sherdock
  11. Christmas Eve / XXX RESIDENTS

The ordering for the new Vocaloid software (it’s likely to be Miki, but still not confirmed yet) will start in December 2009 and apparently the illustraton is by someone called Kozaki Yuusuke. That’s all we know currently, hopefully we can get more information in the near future.

Information thanks to Vocaforum member Miyuki for the notification.
Original info source: 初音ミクみく, HEARTFAST


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One Response to “New Vocaloid “Furukawa Miki”…?”

  1. Lilly Imasune Says:

    shes soo cute!!! ^^

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