Hachune Miku Figure Going On Board A Rocket~

Hachune Miku appearing in space next? (Image source: ます猫 )

Hachune Miku appearing in space next? (Image source: ます猫 )

Yes, you haven’t heard this wrong. According to AnimeNewsNetwork (ANN), a figure of Hachune Miku will be set to launch aboard a rocket in the US later this month. This month’s launch, part of the eXtreme Performance Rocket Ships (XPRS) contest that will take place at the Black Rock Desert in Nevada from September 18 to 21, will only be expected to reach an attitude of about 2 kilometers, which is far from the lowest international recognized standard of going to space (80-100 km).

And for more info and a video about it just continue reading after the break.

But nevertheless the Hachune Miku figure will be showcasing the technology made for the space environment by using an electronic mechanism to “wave” its signature green onion sprout during the flight. Here’s the video link on NND about the mechanism mentioned together with the Hachune Miku figure from the previous flight and you can watch the YouTube video about it below as well.

This whole thing was made possible due to a group of technicians who came together on NND to form the Social Media Satellite Development Project (SOMESAT, formerly known as HAXA) with the eventual aim of a satellite in space.

That’s all the news for now, do stay updated when more news will be coming up very soon. :)


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