Weekly Vocaloid Videos and Music – 27

Cant help but feel pity for Len, Gakupo and Kaito... =P (Image source: みなみ)

Can't help but feel pity for Len, Gakupo and Kaito... =P (Image source: みなみ)

Ah, it sure has been nice during the past week, not only was Miku’s birthday on Aug 31st celebrated in fashion in Japan with a festival being held in her name but also, the much awaited Vocaloid Nendoroid Puchi set was up for pre-order on the same day as well. And the set proved to be so popular that the online reservations on Hobby Search were already closed shortly after the pre-order was out initially. I had a bit of trouble pre-ordering it but eventually I have decided to pre-order with one of the local figures shop here as it’s much cheaper than pre-ordering online. ^ ^

And anyway I have noticed by now that some of the YouTube videos which I mentioned in the previous Weekly Vocaloid Music posts aren’t working, and that’s because the uploader got his account suspended while trying to upload the performances from MikuFes 09 (that’s the festival celebrating Miku’s birthday, if you are not aware). But I will get around to replacing the videos mentioned in the posts very soon so that you can get to enjoy the videos and the music as well.

And in the meanwhile, let’s proceed with this week’s Vocaloid music, shall we?

LOL -lots of laugh- (with English subs) – Miku

Beautiful song and colorfully animated. And just like the title itself, this song is full of LOLs. =3

ACUTE – Miku, Luka and Kaito

This song is somewhat scary if you know the story behind it, in which Yandere Miku kills Kaito and herself so that Luka becomes all alone, probably as a revenge for both Miku and Kaito being together.

Dreaming Leaf (with English Lyrics) – Rin

This song was originally created by baker and OSTER Project for Kagamine Rin, however it would seem Miku’s version is more popular as Miku’s version even appears in Project DIVA. Now if Rin’s version were to be in Project DIVA then I would definitely strive to get Normal/Perfect for the song as well. =P

La Fiesta – Rin

Now that’s a pretty passionate Rin song, as the song title may suggest. And some parts of the song was actually in Spanish as well.

Loose Change – Miku and Len

Miku and Len duet songs aren’t that common, and this one sounds relaxing to me, especially Miku’s part. Len sounds like he’s rapping most of the time in the song.

And last but not least, here’s a bonus Koisuru VOC@LOID video celebrating Miku’s second birthday. How many Vocaloid song references in the video can you find? ;)

That’s about all for this week’s Vocaloid music, there will be more coming up next weekend so do stay updated then. :)


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  1. Ephona Says:

    just so you know I love looking at your blog. It’s so…informative! And awesome. ^-^

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