Weekly Vocaloid Videos And Music – 26

Will Len be able to pull off an upset against Kaito? (Image source: ebi)

""Will Len be able to pull off an upset against Kaito?" (Image source: ebi)

Yeah, it’s time for another week of Vocaloid videos and music, and your host is DT here as always.

This week we have news from Mikatan that the Vocaloid Nendoroid Puchi 01 series, which has been announced during the Tokyo Anime Fair earlier this year, will finally be up for reservations in Japan in the next few days. So hopefully this would mean that online sites (and local shops as well) may be taking pre-orders for the figures very soon, can’t wait to preorder mine and get them eventually. ^_^

And back to the music introductions for this week, just read on for more~ :)

1/6 (English subbed) – Miku

A sweet sounding Miku song with very nice music, it’s simply awesome. :D

ANTI THE∞HOLiC – Luka and Rin

A nice duet song from Luka and Rin created by cosMo, the voices of Luka and Rin fits well in this song.

Double Lariat (Hand-drawn PV) – Luka

Okay, you may have seen the original PV for this song made by AgoanikiP, but how about the PV version above created by MoesodeP? I find this PV very enjoyable, along with the cute Vocaloid pictures in it.

Screw and Gear and Pride (ネジと歯車とプライド) – Rin & Rin Kagamine and Len

AkunoP’s new song featuring the Kagamine twins, it’s a pretty cool song which I am listening to at the moment though I have been hoping that someone could be kind enough to translate this song as well as the Zenmaijikake no Komoriuta series (ぜんまい仕掛けの子守唄) so that there could be a better understanding behind the story of the songs. If anyone could point out the English translations for the songs (other than Re_birthday) that would be greatly appreciated. :D

Go Forward – Meiko (by shu-tP)

One of the best Meiko songs that I have listened to, shu-tP really does a great job with Meiko there.

And that ends it for this week’s Vocaloid music. But before I go off, here’s a couple of cute and funny Vocaloid drama videos below which I found sometime back. Enjoy!


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One Response to “Weekly Vocaloid Videos And Music – 26”

  1. Lacie Says:

    Woah.h.. What is the story line for Screws Gears and Pride? I watched it, band it seems really interesting o.o. It sucks that there are no English translations :(

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