10,000 Views~ Thanks So Much! :)

Image source: 燐葉

Image source: 燐葉

Yeah, this Vocaloid blog has gotten a bit more active in terms of viewership ever since it reached the last milestone of 5,000 views back at the start of July, and I am glad to say that the blog has reached another new milestone of 10,000 views and this was done in the early morning on August 28th 2009, which is about half a year ago since I set up this blog.

So once again, thanks so much for your support all this while. :D Hopefully I will still continue to post new and interesting Vocaloid news as long as I am able to, even if I may just return back to only posting on this blog as I keep my options open.

Anyway thanks for reading this as well, more Vocaloid news will be coming up so do stay updated as always. ^_^


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