Preview – Black★Rock Shooter Anime (Updated)

Yes, B★RS is going to have an anime in the near future! :D

Yes, B★RS is going to have an anime in the near future! :D

[Update: Included preorder links on Amazon Japan]

Information from Good Smile Company has it that Black★Rock Shooter, an original character by huke, will be having an anime based on it which is projected to start in Spring 2010. The Pilot Edition of the anime will be made available in September 2009 and supposedly it will be a short introduction to something bigger.

For more preview images and information about the Black★Rock Shooter -Pilot Edition- just continue reading after the break!

And here are the preview images below:

The B★RS -Pilot Edition- is scheduled to come out on September 30th in the form of DVD and Blu-ray disc and prices will be set at 1,260 yen for the DVD set and 1,890 yen for the Blu-ray disc set. Various online sites such as Amazon Japan will be starting the pre-order for it in the next few days as well.

[Update as of Aug 23rd 09: The preorder for B★RS -Pilot Edition- is now up on Amazon Japan and you can go there to preorder the DVD or the Blu-ray set.]

And for more information about the anime you may want to visit the official Black★Rock Shooter Project site, and I will be keeping you updated about the anime here on the blog as well.

Info source: Good Smile Company, Black★Rock Shooter Project site,
Images source:


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