Weekly Vocaloid Videos And Music – 24

Image source: NEGI

Image source: NEGI

Well, it’s another week of the Vocaloid music segment already, and I am your host DT. Over the last week we had quite a number of nice Vocaloid songs which made it into the latest Weekly Vocaloid Ranking as well a particular song which sort of “cheated” its way to last week’s 1st position, though practically everyone knows that it’s probably a gag. =P

Anyway just read on for more about this week’s Vocaloid music then~

Vocaran Sagi (ボカラン詐欺) – Hatsune Miku

Also known as “Vocaloid Ranking Fraud”, the story behind this song was about the producer’s (PaipanP) son commenting that he will go for an operation should the song hits the No.1 spot on the Weekly Vocaloid Ranking. So in a sense it is to make people feel guilty and add the song to their NND MyList as PaipanP’s son will die if this song doesn’t make it to No.1 and everyone will become a murderer then. (Which of course it didn’t happen) xD The song has dropped slightly though, currently 2nd as compared to last week’s 1st position.

sPiCa (with English subs) – Hatsune Miku

A nice and light Miku song which is very enjoyable listening to it, currently having it on loop on my MP3 player. :)

Kodoku no Hate (孤独の果て) – Kagamine Rin

Now this is one VocaRock song which I pretty much have only praises for, the song itself is nicely composed and the animation for the video fits into the song perfectly. I pretty much like NEGI’s artwork for the song and to say how it’s done, “It can only be epic win”. xD

[Edit on Aug 18th] Yeah! Kodoku no Hate has made it to this week’s No.1 song in the latest Weekly Vocaloid Ranking, and the Top 3 songs are all from Rin (and all VocaRock songs as well), which I am more than happy as a Kagamine fan. ^_^ Sure hope it stays up there for some time :D

RING×RING×RING – Kagamine Rin

Well known for their cutesy art style and songs, this cute song from OSTER Project will definitely have you wanting to listen to more of it. <3 And just in case if you are wondering who’s that person in black it’s actually referring the common Vocaloid user who brought the software.

starmine (スターマイン) – GUMI

A beautiful song by GUMI, sadly it’s also the only GUMI song that’s still on the Weekly Vocaloid Ranking currently. Wish there would be more GUMI songs on the charts but I guess it’s up to the fans to find the under-appreciated but good songs then. =/

And that’s about all for now, there’s actually more Vocaloid music I want to mention about here but I think it’s best to leave it for next week. Anyway look forward to next week’s Vocaloid music post for more Vocaloid songs introductions then. :)


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