Playing Shoushitsu On Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA-

Image source: isounagiさん

Image source: isounagiさん

Well, for those who have played the PSP game “Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA-” you would likely agree that the song “Hatsune Miku no Shoushitsu” (初音ミクの消失/The Disappearance Of Hatsune Miku) is probably the hardest song to play in the whole game, especially during Hard Mode.

So why play Hard Mode when you can already clear the song on Normal? Well that’s because you need to get a Great for all the Miku songs (32 of them to be exact, excluding the Rin/Len song versions) on Hard Mode in order to unlock the P-Style CG (Champagne Gold) costume, which is something I am still trying to figure out at the moment. >_<

But even with the song's difficulty level and the lag during the button spamming parts there are still people who can actually clear the song on Hard Mode and even obtain a Perfect, so just continue reading after the break to watch the video of how it was done~

And here’s the video below:

While getting a Hard/Great for this song is not impossible with some practicing (I am still at the Hard/Standard level currently xD ), I can only say I have a lot of respect for those who can manage this feat of the perfecting the song on Hard Mode (unless it’s done using cheats).

And speaking of which, someone out there in the Vocaloid universe has come out with a rather interesting way of getting Perfect for the song. How? The person uses a robot program to read and analyze the tempo of the song in order to hit the buttons at the correct timings. And the end result is a Perfect of course, here’s the video below to show that.

While that is an really clever idea for perfecting the song but somehow not many will get to be able to do what’s shown in the video, so I guess it’s back to the game itself and practice my way to a Hard/Great. Until then, see ya~ :D *Goes find his PSP*

Info source: 初音ミクみく


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8 Responses to “Playing Shoushitsu On Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA-”

  1. baka~ Says:

    i sympathize with the hellish challenge of shoushitsu. sega’s sense of humor (if you may) in that stage is not funny ;_;

    though, i would like to praise those who have cleared it and even scored heaps of GREAT whilst having their thumbs attached to where they should be and this genius who used machinery to do the dirty work XD

    • DT Says:

      Yeah, this song sure isn’t easy to clear initially. I know of a member on a Vocaloid forum who played the song 37 times before clearing it on Normal/Great. (Fortunately I took only 10 times to achieve that)

      Now if only we know how to create and make use of that robot program in the video then it would be pretty nice. =P

      • baka~ Says:

        i agree but i think that robot ain’t no easy chore either ~_~

        it seems that common issues for project diva fans will always be unlocking the P-Style CG. even i am tempted to CW cheat the game since it’s the only costume left.

        if this game would ever get a sequel, i pray they change shoushitsu’s difficulty to a milder one. even getting normal/great puts serious strain on my thumbs ~_~

  2. DT Says:

    Well, there’s always the option of asking friends around who are good with rhythm games to help you with clearing the songs which you have difficulty on.

    As for Shoushitsu, it’s actually doable once you get the rhythm of it by listening to the song more often, which is what I did. But I am sure on hoping there will be a sequel to the game, it’s simply great. :D

  3. baka~ Says:

    well the issue of getting the rhythm of the song isn’t that hard. the thing is, it strains your fingers greatly X_X

    oh and this might be a shameless question but what do you think of this youtube vid?

    is it really possible to have two characters dancing in project diva or was this the adhoc function? (being unable to maneuver the adhoc mode since i don’t understand jap, that is my best bet as to how they did it)

    • DT Says:

      Lol, a Balalaika parody video. xD It’s nice and pretty funny alright, though I noticed there’s a lot of overlapping between Kaito and Len in the video (limitations of playing only solo character in the game).

      And as for more than one character dancing in songs for Project DIVA, this was actually done through post-video edits like iM@S. The primary color background “hidden” option was made for this purpose. (The Ad hoc function was mainly used for sharing songs or custom made tracks if I recall correctly)

  4. baka~ Says:

    whoo thanks for the info XD

    and i thought it was awesome WIN already. then again, if ever there is a sequel to this project diva, who knows, maybe you can add in more characters on the stage.

    • DT Says:

      You’re welcome. :)

      Yeah, it would be even more awesome if that were to happen. Just imagine the possibility of having duet/team songs between various Vocaloids when you can have more than one character on the stage. But for now, I am sure most of us are pretty pleased with the game. ^_^

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