Weekly Vocaloid Videos And Music – 21

Image source: 白東彩海さん

Image source: 白東彩海さん

Welcome to Week 21st of the Weekly Vocaloid music post, I am your host DT as always. This week we had some sneak preview of the upcoming 1/8 scale Black Rock Shooter PVC figure by Good Smile Company which will be released next month, can’t wait to get mine when it eventually arrives over here in Singapore. ^ ^

Regarding the game Project DIVA I have been playing it since officially obtaining the game (finally!) together with the nendoroid petit on Monday and I would say I really enjoyed it very much with regards to the game play, couldn’t really complain about it much. =D Though if I were to point something out I do wish that the other Vocaloid (especially Rin and Len =P ) could play a bigger part in the game but I guess it’s not called “Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA-” for nothing. xP

Anyway I will be introducing some of the songs in Project DIVA since there are some songs which I really enjoyed but didn’t mentioned it on the blog before, so just continue reading for this week’s Vocaloid music introductions then~

Strobe Nights

An upbeat and happy sounding Miku song, I simply like the Snow costume which you get to unlock for playing this song, fits the snowing part in the song perfectly. <3

Song Of The Magical Forest and Wilderness

Definitely one of the easier songs in DIVA (it’s the first song I got a Normal/Perfect on =D ), though the first few times I played I could only do about 170+ combos for Miku’s version while doing combos of over 220 for Rin’s version of the song on my first try, so you know which version I am biased towards. xD *Gets smacked on the head with a leek by Miku* xP

Inochi no Uta (Song Of Life)

“The trees and flowers will wither someday, but as time goes by and the winds of spring starts blowing, all the life on Earth will start a new life afresh.” That’s what I feel for the song, definitely peaceful there, ^_^

Kogane no Seiya Sousetsu ni Kuchite (Requiem for the Phantasm)

A very nice Christmas themed song, as much as I like the music but I am finding it hard to clear the song on Hard Mode at the moment (along with Shoushitsu on Hard Mode as well). xP

Star Story

Another beautiful song by Miku, I find myself playing the song over and over again just to listen to it. Now I have another favorite Miku song to add to my Vocaloid song list. :D Also, the “Plug-in” costume shown in the video is what you get when you cleared the song on Normal/Great and for 5 times or more.

The secret garden

Okay, this song is quite famous as the OP for the game already, so I won’t explain much. It’s a good song to listen to and I like it when Miku is transformed from an ordinary school girl to the virtual singing diva that we all know and love in the song. =D


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