New Vocaloid2 Sonika Released!

Sonika - The Latest Vocaloid2 Software By Zero-G Limited

Sonika - The Latest Vocaloid2 Software By Zero-G Limited

Following the release of English Vocaloid Prima, Miriam, Leon and Lola, Zero-G Limited has unveiled their latest Vocaloid software Sonika which was released on July 16th 2009.

And for more information and song demos about Sonika just continue reading after the break~

Designed to resemble the Japanese Vocaloids in terms of looks and sound (Gumi or Hatsune Miku, anyone?), Sonika is also the first English Vocaloid to use the newer Vocaloid2 engine as well. According to an official article about her by Zero-G Limited, Sonika can sing just about any word in English and other languages (minor work needed as noted by them though) as her voice bank is not limited to just syllables and phonetics only, so there’s a lot of potential for song creations.

Here’s a few song demos created using the Sonika software.

Lion Sleeps Tonight

Ring My Bell

Vocaloid Sonika Says SONIKA

Well, the official artwork of Sonika may not be fantastic but there’s nothing fanarts can’t do to help address that I guess. And I think she sounds great for an English Vocaloid (not to mention that she’s pretty versatile for an Vocaloid), hopefully she will gain more recognition in the days ahead. :)

And if you are interested you can go to her official website to read up more about her and purchase the software if you like, which is also up for download at 139.99USD.


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2 Responses to “New Vocaloid2 Sonika Released!”

  1. RinKagamine02 Says:

    Sonika-san isn’t that for a Vocaloid singing in english.

    • DT Says:

      Sonika can supposedly pronounce just about any syllabus (hence, any language) and not just English alone, it would have to depend on the skillfulness of the Producer using her voice for the song.

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