5,000 Views ~ Thanks For Your Support! :D

Image source: 春アキ

Image source: 春アキ

Well, it’s been slightly less than 4 months since I started on this Vocaloid blog, in which I did out of pure interest as a Vocaloid fan initially and the blog serves to help me remember about the latest Vocaloid news at the same time.

It may not be much but I am glad to say that this blog has finally reached its 5,000th view earlier last weekend. :D I didn’t really bother with letting people know about this blog as I am still trying to improve my blogging skills on it. ^ ^;; But I was surprised when I was invited by the owner of Vocaloidism to blog about Vocaloid news on his site in late March, certainly have learnt more about blogging as well as knowing more Vocaloid news sources since then. :)

But more importantly I want to say a Thanks to all who has visited this Vocaloid blog, by chance or not, especially those who have commented as well. It does mean something to me and I hope this small blog will continue to go on so long as Vocaloid’s around, so do continue to look forward to this blog as I will hopefully be bringing you the latest and interesting Vocaloid news happening in the Vocaloid universe. :D

Thanks again~


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