Weekly Vocaloid Videos And Music – 17

Image source: ひま

Image source: ひま

Welcome to the Weekly Vocaloid Music segment as usual, this week has been a happening week as far as Vocaloid fans are concerned since we get to know of swimsuit costumes for our favorite Vocaloid characters in the PSP game Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- (foreseeing many more pre-orders because of that =p ) , new Miku figures to be made known during the Wonder Festival 2009 in summer and also, Megpoid (Gumi) has finally been released as of yesterday! Been listening to some of her songs since then. :D

Anyway I will be posting a bit more on Megpoid songs since she’s still new around here and some of her songs are as good as it is funny xD , just read on to find out more~

Ninjin Daisuki no Uta – Gumi

Translated roughly as “Carrot Loving Song”, this is one song which builds on the popular belief that carrot represents Gumi as her signature item, the same with leek for Miku and etc. The latter part of the song is pretty funny, with poor Gakupo being made to eat all the carrot-related food by Gumi, I couldn’t stop laughing there. xD

Step On The Wind – Gumi

A cheerful and nice sounding song, somehow this song have me thinking about the summer season with the bright and colorful picture in the video (which I used for the starting image of this post as well).

Megu Megu ☆ Fire Endless Night – Gumi

For anyone of you listening to this song, does it remind you of Initial D/Midnight Wangan or do you suddenly have the urge to play Dance Dance Revolution/Beatmania? I certainly have that feeling there, and it’s a very good example that eurobeat and Vocaloid does mix well together. :)

Tokyo ‘2’ Rock City – Hatsune Miku

Uploaded just yesterday, this is one good Miku song which makes it into my Vocaloid music playlist. Enjoyed listening to the song. :)

Laba Laba 3500 – Kagamine Rin and Len

Now this is one hyper and fast tempo sounding song from Rin and Len, it’s nice but a bit too short to enjoy fully. =\ Wish there would be a longer version instead.

Whenever -Happiness to dream of in the far future- – Megurine Luka

A tender song from Luka, both the music and song itself are smoothing and it’s surely on my recommended list of recent Luka songs. :D

That’s all the Vocaloid music for now, the summary post for all the known -Project DIVA- updates will be coming up tomorrow or on Monday so do stay updated then~


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