Updates For Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- As Of June 22nd 09 [Updated June 23rd]

Image source: ヒナヒナ

Image source: ヒナヒナ

Well, Sega sure has been regular with posting the updates for -Project DIVA- now that the game is set to be released in 10 days’ time. =P

Anyway, the -Project DIVA- website has just been updated with new costumes for all the Vocaloid characters under Crypton and this time round, our favorite Vocaloids are appearing in swimsuits instead. :D

Also, a new song by 畑亜貴 & 神前暁 has been made known which pretty much completes the song list for all the songs in -Project DIVA- (will be doing a summary post for all the updates later this week).

As usual, you can view all the swimsuit costumes as well as the new song for the game after the break so just continue reading! ^_^

As said, here are the swimsuit costumes for all the Crypton Vocaloid characters:

P-Style LP

Miku - Swimsuit Costume

Kaito - Swimsuit Costume

Meiko - Swimsuit Costume

Rin - Swimsuit Costume

Len - Swimsuit Costume

Luka - Swimsuit Costume

Wow, the swimsuit costumes for the Vocaloid characters definitely look awesome. :D And it makes me think about the summer season as it will be near summer when the game is released next month. Now if only it was July 2nd already… =P

Also, a new song from 畑亜貴 & 神前暁 has been revealed and you can view it below:

  • Dear cocoa girls – 畑亜貴 & 神前暁

And with this news that sums up all the updates for -Project DIVA- currently, and should I be not wrong that also completes all the 39 costumes together with the 39 songs that will appear in the game. I will go and clarify this and post a overall summary for all the updates known so far.

That’s all for now, more Vocaloid news and info as they arrive.

[Update on June 23rd] I went to check the -Project DIVA- website last night and found that they have set up a channel for the game on Nico Nico Douga that will only be open for one month.

On the channel you can watch the special module PVs of the song “Dear cocoa girls” for both male (Kaito and Len) and female (Miku, Meiko, Rin and Luka) versions as well as the videos for the songs “World Is Mine”, “Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru” and “The secret garden” which will appear in the game. And here are the videos below, huge credits to Moetron Subs for uploading the videos to YouTube. :D

Dear Cocoa Girls PV (Female Cast Version)

Dear Cocoa Girls PV (Male Cast Version)

World Is Mine PV

Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru PV

The secret garden PV

-Project DIVA- Short OP

A small bit of explaination on this OP, the first part is done by Saki Fujita, the voice actress for Hatsune Miku. While for the second part I think they tried asking some guy to voice for the opening instead and obviously he fails at some parts of it. xD (Which also explains why the Vocaloid program can sing songs that are impossible for human beings to sing. GJ for Saki Fujita on the OP!)

Info source: -Project DIVA- website, -Project DIVA- Nico Channel


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